REVIEW: Siren – 1.07: “Dead in the Water”


Rule of the Bishop household: don’t break the truth pact!

The set up for “Dead in the Water” was really interesting. The entire episode pretty much took place at two locations: Dale’s office/police station and on Xander’s Dad’s boat out at sea. Not only that, but it split up our female characters and male characters to give them their own time to shine.

With Ryn in the deputy/Dale’s captivity, it’s Maddie to the rescue. Prior to Maddie getting there, my heart absolutely went out to our poor mermaid. She has no clue what’s going on! I was both surprised and really satisfied that Maddie told her father about Ryn. Now we have the sheriff of Bristol Cove in on the mermaid secret. Seeing how this has proved successful on other shows like iZombie, Charmed, etc, it’s only bound to do the same with Siren. Perhaps Dale will become more involved in the situation with the military? What do you guys think of Dale knowing Ryn’s mermaid secret?

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Forever petitioning for Sherri Saum to play Maddie’s Mom.

I will admit, I wasn’t too captivated with Ben, Xander, and company’s storyline at first. I think it primarily ties with that my favorite characters are Maddie and Ryn, and that I’m much more interested in the mythology of the merpeople and their relationships with humans than humans hunting them. But Xander was dead set on getting his mermaid, so away we go. With this storyline primarily being on a boat, my mind immediately went to a Black Sails episode -which it kind of was in a way? The boys went aboard the vacant military ship and fought off merpeople (well, tried to). This brings me to another point: we finally saw a merman! And boy did he pack a punch! I’m curious to know more about him and if his priorities will eventually lie with Ryn or Donna. Seeing how we saw Donna working alongside him, I’d say the latter.

As the episode continued, I was certainly interested to see who they would kill off. I thought for sure that someone would be Calvin or Chris. Both aren’t necessarily main characters and they’re more on the expendable side. But the second we saw Xander’s Dad on the boat, I just had an inkling he was going to be the victim. The writers added just the right amount of angst as well in regards to his his history (issues with his wife, wanting Xander to be the eventual captain of the boat, etc.). So when it came time for the death to come, it was gut-wrenching! Literally! But while my heart broke for Xander and his father, I know from a character standpoint, I’m just sure that this death is going to allow for Xander to take a leadership role.

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Welcome to the MerClub, Dale Bishop!

Due to the unfortunate circumstances, he most likely will be the captain of his Dad’s ship. He’ll probably be used a lot more when it comes to the military storyline and even the overfishing issue Ted Pownall’s seafood company is doing. What did you guys think of the death? Were you completely surprised or did you see it coming?

What did you think of 1.07: “Dead in the Water”? Leave all your thoughts in the comments below!

The next new episode of Siren, 1.08: “Being Human” airs next Thursday at 8/7c on Freeform.

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