Multimedia exhibit of The Crown to open in Paley Center

The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills will be unveiling an exclusive exhibit called The Crown: Imagining a Royal World, featuring costumes, photography, art pieces, and more from the second season of the Netflix period drama.

Every year, the Paley Center has exhibits that showcase the artistry in entertainment, giving visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process of various popular television programs.

Paley Center describes the exhibit in detail:

The Crown: Imagining a Royal World offers an extraordinary glimpse into the creative process behind some of the series’ most stunning and iconic costume creations. With an acute eye for sumptuous detail, renowned designer Jane Petrie’s opulent costumes for season two of the award-winning Netflix period drama explore a transitional time in the monarch’s history—London in the swinging ‘60s with all the seismic cultural shifts and social upheaval of the period. The exhibition will highlight the juxtaposition of a Monarchy somewhat trapped in time against the more modern vision of the United States represented by John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy upon their visit to Buckingham Palace in 1961. On-set photography and video clips from the acclaimed series will provide a stunning backdrop for the lavish period costumes on display.”

Paley Center President and CEO, Maureen J. Reidy, talked about the exhibit:

“Queen Elizabeth II has captivated the public since the moment she ascended the throne and The Crown captures the magic of her reign…

The Crown: Imagining a Royal World will offer visitors a rare look at the artistry behind this groundbreaking series as well as show why the public’s fascination with the British royal family continues to this very day.”

The Crown Jackie KennedyJane Petrie, The Crown’s award-winning costume designer, discussed the process for designing the gorgeous costumes:

“Designing the costumes for The Crown has been an incredible privilege, and being able to present some of my favorite designs at The Paley Center for Media is just fantastic…

Season Two is all about the Windsor’s struggle to modernize at a time of great global change. From Princess Margaret’s exciting new love interest, to the Kennedys swooping into Buckingham Palace, outshining the Queen and her consort, the clash between old and the new, America and Britain, takes center stage and very much inspired the costumes. It’s a fascinating moment of our shared history and was an absolute pleasure to design. I just hope visitors will appreciate the exhibit as much as we enjoyed telling this story.”

The exhibit is free and open to the public and will run until July 29.

The Crown season two premiered on Netflix last December 8, 2017.