REVIEW: Killing Eve, S1 Ep4 – Sorry Baby

Eve’s old boss Frank is Villanelle’s next target as we reach the half-way point for the first season of Killing Eve.

The episode begins with Bill’s funeral where the truth about his death is covered up and Eve fumes when she sees their former boss, Frank (whom both delightedly called a “dick swab”) delivering the eulogy. She storms out of the church, annoyed at Frank and also swearing vengeance on Villanelle, admitting the latter to Elena.

We keep seeing glimpses of Eve’s marriage being on the rocks but we’re still not sure why this is the case, especially with Niko being so supportive and concerned about Eve most of the time. At one point, she lashes out at him, claiming that his caring for her is the only thing he has in his life. Harsh. And we’re still not sure if he deserves that.

Eve finds that the suitcase that got “lost” in Germany has been returned and, to her alarm, has been filled with designer clothing and a not that says, “Sorry baby.” Eve is understandably unnerved by this, and she plunges back into the investigation into Villanelle.

Speaking of the assassin, she throws a “not-birthday” party for an angry Konstantin that proves to be an elaborate way of threatening him. She knows that he is angry about her killing Bill and so she has been demoted to doing team missions. But though he has some power over her life, she gently reminds him that she knows some things about him too.

As other reviewers noted, showing more members of the secret assassination ring was enough to prove how skilled Villanelle is at her job. Because her companions were pathetically incompetent. They were sent to take down a member of “British intelligence” who turns out to be Frank.

Eve and her team are on his tail as well, after Kenny discovers some suspicious bank transfers. Carolyn Martens wisely warns them that he is a small fish in the ocean but he might have some information that will be helpful to them.

All characters head to the small town of Bletcham. Not the most thrilling location in Killing Eve but the tension is high because of what’s at stake: not so much Frank’s life, but Villanelle and Eve finally coming face to face. But before that, we see some internal conflict with the assassins team as Diego, an idiotic macho incompetent, tries to lord it over his current girlfriend Nadia (also revealed as Villanelle’s bitter ex) and Villanelle herself.

By this time we are well acquainted enough with the glamorous assassin to know she will not take this kind of treatment by a colleague. And both Diego and Nadia are not even able to gun down Frank as he stumbles through a field. Villanelle manages to manipulate Nadia with sweet words (poor Nadia really should have known better) to shoot Diego. And then, Villanelle casually runs her over. Betrayal comes too easy to this assassin.

“Running and crying” towards Eve, Frank just about makes it to the car, and as Eve and Elena are about to drive away to safety, Villanelle arrives and shoots.

And that’s the big cliffhanger we’re left with until the next episode of Killing Eve.