REVIEW: Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep3 – Good Out Here

Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep3 – Good Out Here

Fear the Walking Dead lost one of its major characters in a shocking episode that had initially seemed to be about finding a peaceful way of living through the world’s chaos.

Well, that was genuinely surprising.

Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep3 – Good Out Here 2In the final moments of the episode, while holding a blue bonnet and remembering that this represented one good thing in the crazy world, Nick Clark succumbed to a gunshot wound and breathed his last. He was surrounded by three people who were bound to him in different ways: his sister, his girlfriend, and the man who had befriended him and led him and his family to safety. And looking on sadly was Morgan, who had wanted to avoid losing any more people but somehow ended up back here.

A common criticism of The Walking Dead is that major character deaths occur more for shock value than to follow any plot logic. And they happen with such predictable regularity that everyone expects them during season premieres, mid-season finales, and finales. Fear the Walking Dead has shown that, when used sparingly, such deaths can have a bigger impact.

Nick was there from the very beginning and no one thought he would not live out to see the entire series through. But that’s what made his death so painful and poignant. No one on Fear the Walking Dead is protected by plot armor. Anyone can succumb to the horrors of the new and mad world.

His death is even more tragic than Carl’s, since many fans had foreseen the latter’s demise coming. And Carl even had enough time to write goodbye letters to all of his loved ones. But Nick did not have any luxury.

What made it more tragic was that for most of the episode, while Alicia and others went off with Al, Nick and Morgan were left to bond. Having resumed his peaceful ways, Morgan offered to show Nick this way of living. After all, he had been in Nick’s position before (many times over) and he knew what it was like to be lost.

Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep3 – Good Out Here 3Spending almost an entire episode with two of my favorite characters from both series was a real treat and it was looking like Nick was going to be Morgan’s new protégé. We saw the season start with Nick calmly devoted to his garden and renouncing his survivalist ways. But since we haven’t seen Madison in the present timeline, her fate remains a mystery and it is very possible that her children are now orphans. And who knows what other dark deeds Nick, Alicia, Luciana, and Strand have had to do since the baseball stadium?

All we know for now is that they all still have a grudge against the Vultures. And finding a guy named Ennis made Nick fly into a rage and murder the guy, despite Morgan’s attempts to get him not to kill. Nick has been through a lot and there is still much that we don’t know about so we can’t really judge him for making problematic decisions.

After this though he calmed down and even seemed willing to accept Morgan’s advice and start a new way of life. A flashback to him and his mother showed them finding a beautiful field of blue bonnets, a symbol of hope and goodness. He is holding one such symbolic flower when Charlie, the young girl he was bonding with last episode who turned out to be a Vulture, shoots him. He bleeds to death in the arms of his distraught sister as Strand and Luciana look on in horror.

The Fear the Walking Dead showrunners have spoken extensively about this major plot development. Apparently, this was a plan from the beginning since Frank Dillane asked to leave the show so that he could pursue other opportunities. This gave them enough time to plan a fitting exit for the character and to make his death more meaningful. It will be interesting to see how the other characters deal with this loss, not just his family and friends, but also Morgan, who had been running from the main show so that he wouldn’t lose anyone else.

This is by no means the last we will see of Nick this season since the story is being presented in multiple timelines. But somehow knowing his definite end makes every coming flashback even more affective.

R.I.P. Nick Clark. You will be missed.