Titles They Should Totally Use for Avengers 4


By now everyone knows that the reason Avengers 4 still doesn’t have a title is that it will, apparently, contain spoilers for Infinity War. The internet has gone even more wild than usual with speculation, something that Kevin Feige now apparently regrets. But we’re not letting that stop us from having fun on this high, holy Infinity War week! Granted, we have no idea what goes down in the film because we are not among the Chosen Few to have it grace our screens, so we can safely say there are no spoilers to be found among our options. Without further ado, here’s what some of our staff thinks (either seriously or not) the Avengers 4 title should be:


Valerie Parker:
Avengers 4: The Death of Captain America
Avengers 4: Secret Invasion
Avengers 4: Thanos Kills the Marvel Universe
Avengers 4: To Infinity and Beyond

Avengers 4: Secret Wars
Avengers 4: Secret Empire
Avengers 4:
Bye-Bye Iron Man Pie

Avengers 4: Obligatory Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies
Avengers 4: Death of All The White Dudes
Avengers 4: This Phase Didn’t Seem Very Interesting Till Black Panther