REVIEW: Shadowhunters – 3.06: A Window Into An Empty Room


Slow burnin’ Sizzy

I think this is the first episode of Shadowhunters in a while where I felt so happy and right about every decision that was made in the episode (well, excluding that Owl!Jace/Lilith, but that’s for another time). I’ve said it before, but this season is so strong and easily features some of my favorite storylines/character arcs. I think what makes this season work so well for me is every story-line and new development is slowly taking its time to be revealed. Nothing is too rushed, in my opinion. For instance, Clary just found out that the Owl is Jace and no one even has an inkling about Lilith yet! Well, maybe after next week’s episode?

“A Window Into An Open Door” featured so many great relationship stories, some unexpected, and some just straight up needed. This episode had so many great moments between so many different types of relationships, that I figured it best to talk about them in the following categories:


“It’s hard when the person that made you abandons you.”

Relationship Goals: If you love Malec and the Lightwood family overall, “A Window Into An Open Door” was the episode for you! We’re still seeing that development (okay some might call it drama) between Magnus and Alec, of course – Alec isn’t quite over Magnus’ memento box. But the interesting thing about our favorite Warlock/Shadowhunter pair, is that most of their scenes were apart from each other, but it actually helped mend their relationship in a lot of ways. Alec especially was bringing up his beau and their current struggles, which will be mentioned in a little bit. I’m interested to see what will happen next week for these two. Do you think their break from each other will allow them to work better together?

Following her de-runing ceremony, Maryse Lightwood is back! I will admit, I was very hesitant about whether we were actually going to see Mama Lightwood again. She’s no longer a Shadowhunter, so what part will she have in the show? Her role now is being the best mother she can be to her children. This reason alone is why I included them in the “relationship goals” section of this review. Each member of the Lightwood family has come a long way, and I was so happy to see them all finally sitting down for a complete family dinner (minus Jace). I can’t wait to see the contribution Maryse will have in the mundane world (work with Luke perhaps?), and similar scenes like we saw in this episode in future ones to come. Speaking of Maryse, we saw a hint of Maryse/Luke in this episode. I have been a huge fan of them since midseason two, so I can’t wait to see their relationship blossom. About time they’re both happy in the love department.


“Don’t blame me, love made me crazy.”

Friendship Goals: As previously mentioned above, both Magnus and Alec spent the majority of their time apart from each other in this episode. Who they spent it with were very unlikely pairs. Magnus and Clary (aka: Biscuit to him) were busy uncovering the identity of the Owl and exactly which demon is behind it all. We the audience may know who Lilith is and what she’s done, but our beloved characters don’t. I think this was the first we’ve gotten a Magnus and Clary scene in quite a while.

Another completely unlikely friendship that we saw that I’m dying to mention is: Alec and Underhill. All we really knew about Underhill was that seeing Alec’s relationship with Magnus gave him the courage to come out. (Cue the “Awws”!). But in this episode we saw what a great potential friend he could be for Alec!

We all saw Alec get quite drunk, dealing with his Magnus troubles and all, but in no way did Underhilll take advantage of Alec. He listened to Alec drunkenly rant, gave him advice, and helped him get a cab ride home. Any other show would have easily had the pair take advantage of the situation, resulting in Alec cheating on Magnus. Cue unnecessary drama. But Shadowhunters didn’t, and for that I’m really grateful. Take note, other shows!

He’s Just Not that Into You: “Look at your choices, Heidi!” is basically what I yell every time Heidi has a scene. Is it weird that I get Vampire!Taylor Swift vibes from her? This episode wasn’t any different. I did feel for her and tried to understand what she went through, but at the end of the day: she went rogue and broke several laws for vampires. Seeing how Simon sent her to be watched by Kyle’s group, I’m curious if we’ll ever get any updates from her? Hey, at least we got a much needed Simon/Isabelle scene out of her! I adore Maia and Simon will all my heart, but do you think we’ll see Sizzy finally happen next year?

What was your favorite relationship that was shown in this episode?

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Shadowhunters‘ 3.07: “Salt in the Wound” airs next Tuesday at 8/7c on Freeform.

Similarly to what the title suggests, this episode is sure to be more salty than sweet. First with Maia finally meeting “Kyle” and then with that Clace betrayal? Can Malec at least mend things?