REVIEW: Killing Eve, S1 Ep3 – Don’t I Know You?

Killing Eve, S1 Ep3 - Don't I Know You?

The case gets personal as Killing Eve has its first major character death in Berlin, where Eve is investigating Villanelle’s latest murder.

RIP Bill. It was obvious from the moment we started getting to know him better that he was a goner in this episode. We got glimpses of his family life and then later on, he shared some fun facts about his sexually adventurous lifestyle back in the day. And if this wasn’t obvious enough, he even joked to his small child that “Daddy’s going to die!”

Real subtle, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, real subtle.

Killing Eve, S1 Ep3 - Don't I Know You?Villanelle was likewise not so subtly expressing her interest in Eve as she used the latter’s name as a pseudonym during her latest murder of a Chinese hacker with a BDSM kink. It seems that she’s becoming less and less careful with her missions and it’s a surprise that her employers aren’t keeping a better eye on her. Kostantin certainly can’t control her.

Eve and Bill take a trip to Berlin to better investigate the murder and Eve is forced to have dinner with a lecherous Chinese emissary. She manages to get some important information from him after an uncomfortable evening. As noted by the reviewer on Vulture, the portrayal of Asian characters in this episode of Killing Eve is rather disappointing since both Chinese men are shown as sexually devious in their own ways. Thank goodness that Sandra Oh continues to be a gift.

Killing Eve, S1 Ep3 - Don't I Know You?Bill is off chasing Villanelle after recognizing her following Eve. His fate was sealed as soon as he laid eyes on her. He even made the rookie mistake of following the criminal without waiting for backup. Poor, lovely Bill, who had been likable from the start and always so supportive of Eve. The scene at the nightclub was particularly tense since we knew Bill’s fate was inevitable. And as far as crime scenes go, a crowded, noisy place like that was pretty perfect. Villanelle brutally stabbed Bill in front of hundreds of dazed and confused dancers and Eve arrived only seconds too late to witness her dear friend dying. As if she wasn’t already committed to the case. Now, it’s personal.

The mutual fascination between detective and assassin grew in this episode as Eve began by describing Villanelle’s appearance with a dreamy look in her eyes and very sensual details. For her part, Villanelle started to be in stalker mode, stealing Eve’s suitcase, watching her shop for a dress, and seducing a middle-aged American tourist who reminds her of Eve. One can probably compare their growing obsession with each other with that of Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham in Hannibal.

We’re nearly halfway through Killing Eve now and the stakes are higher for our intrepid investigator. Villanelle has revealed her hand and now they are both being set up for a momentous confrontation.