REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5E18 – All Roads Lead…

Well. That was heartbreaking, in so many ways.

Guess which one of these guys I’m going to miss at least a little? Hint: it’s the one who isn’t Mr. Boring von Boringson.

First of all, now that it’s actually happened, I find myself regretting Ruby being killed. Not a lot, mind you. But Hale broke my heart with her actual, real love for her daughter, and her desperate efforts to help her and let her know she loved her. I mean, “My daughter is not a mistake”? Aw geez. I’d say I’m glad Hale really did care about her, except of course that love means she’s apparently willing to destroy the world herself now that SHIELD has killed her. Whoops. Didn’t think about that when you sliced her throat, did you, Yo-Yo?

Heartbreak number two: Talbot. Man, am I glad he didn’t either kill himself or kill Coulson due to his HYDRA brainwashing. I knew he would fight the programming, because he was and is a good man. And I should have known that his response to realizing what a mess he was in would be to try to end his own life. Poor, poor guy. I don’t know what they’re going to do with him after he wakes up from Mack’s strategic Icer shot, but I hope it involves him eventually getting back to his wife and son. Without any further HYDRA involvement.

Heartbreak number three: how exactly does Robin function even as well as she does, when she not only sees horrific future visions but also has to watch things like her mother getting strangled into unconsciousness in front of her actual eyes? That poor kid. Unless the timeloop gets broken and the timeline changes a lot, I’m not foreseeing much in the way of comfort and peace for her, either. At least her biological mom isn’t dead … yet.

There were, however, plenty of awesome things in this episode as well. Chief among those is another fantastic May/Daisy team-up. I will always, always adore any time they get to kick ass together. Loved the callback to season one with May saying she won’t take a gun unless she ends up needing one – and grinned much like Daisy when May said she’d rather “hit” right now, to work out some of her anger. Hee. And of course, they took out all the HYDRA guards like the pros they are.

Also awesome: Deke’s conversation with Mack and Coulson about Daisy. Love that they were honest about their lack of ability to give relationship advice. Also love Deke’s new Mack-bestowed nickname: “Lemons.” Please give us a scene with Daisy finding lemons on her bed, show writers. Please.

I mean, you can’t exactly blame them for not being willing to sacrifice each other. Come on, universe. Give them a little happiness.

It was very in-character for Daisy to care about Ruby, and to try to talk her down instead of fighting with her. I wonder what a gravitonium-powered Ruby against Daisy fight would have looked like, though. And who actually will be the Destroyer of Worlds? Is it Hale, now – since she sold out the world for revenge against SHIELD? Will the two bad guys trapped in the gravitonium find a way to escape, or will they just keep driving anyone who comes into contact with them crazy? (On that topic, poor Creel. Sedation is the only kind thing for him right now, I’d say).

Meanwhile, at least the whole team is going to be back together in order to face the looming alien invasion. I honestly have no idea right now how they’ll win against this threat. Feel free to let us know your theories, if you have them!