REVIEW: Shadowhunters – 3.05: “Stronger Than Heaven”


“Can we just stay in the here and now?”

As each episode of this season goes by, you really see how much growth these characters go through and the obstacles they have to jump through to get what they want. Yes, I’m including Lilith in this statement.

Malec Moves In?: We saw it featured in the promo for this episode, so we knew it was going a major storyline: Alec poses the question that he should move in with Magnus. It’s something every long lasting couple does at some point, so why not Malec, right? I certainly thought the idea sounded adorable. But with moving in comes seeing all your partner’s little nuances, and less privacy of course. Plus, while it may seem that our favorite couple’s been together for a long time, Malec points out that it’s only been about 2 months. I’m sorry fellow Malec fans, but moving in this early in their relationship has “crash and burn” written all over it.

I loved and appreciated this storyline for so many reasons! For one thing, it allows for Magnus and Alec to break this illusion that they’re perfect and everything about them is sunshine and happiness. Second, it also allows for the big elephant in the room to be discussed – or should I say Warlock? Magnus is immortal, Alec is not. It makes you wonder what will happen decades from now. Will Alec just be another memento in Magnus’ treasure box, among his other former lovers? Speaking of which, I also liked the maturity and honesty from Alec when he stated he went through his things. You know on a lot of other shows, that action would of been drawn out into hysterics until the couple dispersed completely. For the time being Malec is taking the “let’s just live in the present” route, but do you think the topic of the future will be brought up again in a later episode?


I know I’m supposed to dislike you, but I can’t help but love you. I blame Chai.

Coupled Jewish Vampire: We’ve officially known Kyle for an episode and know he’s on the sketchy side. But in “Stronger Than Heaven,” it’s Simon’s turn to learn the true motives of his new roommate. Thanks to Jace’s help (who’s hoping this side project will take his mind off his mental state), we learn that “Kyle” is a part of Praetor Lupus, acting as a sort of werewolf bodyguard for Simon because of his Mark. I’m finding that the more I see Kyle, the more frustrated I get. While I haven’t read up to the books where he’s introduced, I know what’s going to happen. I unfortunately can’t go into too much detail on this because we haven’t seen it fleshed out in the series yet. But as soon as Maia comes to visit Simon at his new place, things are bound to go down.

Kyle is also a character that I know I should at least dislike, but I adore Chai so much, that it’s impossible. I’ve seen something like this on social media in terms of Lilith that kinda fits “Kyle” as well: “hate the character, respect the actor.”


“Thought new roommate was a trusting friend? Bamboozled!”

Are You There, Ithuriel? It’s Me Clary: Clary would do anything to help prevent Jace from going to the City of Bones for treatment from the Silent Brothers. If it didn’t work he could risk being de-runed and exiled from the Shadow World. This reminds me: I wonder how Maryse Lightwood is doing now that she’s most likely been de-runed now. That thought aside, this was the plot of the episode that had me the most captivated and intrigued. I’m not a Clace fan, but it was incredible seeing the lengths Clary went to try and save Jace by contacting the Angels. It’s also nice and refreshing that someone finally knows Clary’s secret of Jace’s resurrection. It was also nice seeing Luke’s sister again and having her assist in communicating with Angel Ithuriel. The end result of Clary’s conversation with Ithuriel completely changed the game for the rest of the season. It’s now known that something a lot more evil is at work with Jace and overall, besides the Lake Lyn wish. Ithuriel’s death by demon Lilith shocked me to the core. A peaceful setting between Angel and Shadowhunter ripped into pieces in an instant. Right before he was bound to say Lilith’s name – coincidence, I think not! Were you as gutted by Ithuriel’s death as I was? We’ve also seen Lilith slyly introduce herself to some of our characters: Magnus, Jace, and technically Clary now. How far will she come from reaching her goal in resurrecting her own loved one, Jonathan? Also looking at the Clary Contacts Ithuriel scene at a editing/post production level, the contrast between Ithuriel (light) versus Lilith (dark) was really powerful and the immediate change in lighting the second Ithuriel died proved to heighten the scene that much more.

The honorable mention for me this time around has to be Isabelle’s date with Charlie. It was so sweet to see her try to tackle mundane dating and getting to know Charlie. Sure she can’t tell him that she hunts demons, but being with him certainly allows her to take a break from her crazy life and act like a regular girl for a chance. Something she never really got to experience.

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Shadowhunters‘ 3.06: “A Window Into An Empty Room” airs next Tuesday at 8/7c on Freeform.

“This is all just because you’re the only guy I’ve ever been with.” Oh, keep this Malec drama (well relationship growth actually) coming. But that Jace/Lilith kissing scene can stop before it begins please. Regardless of my opinion of Jace, there are so many things about that that is just not okay.