REVIEW: Killing Eve, S1 Ep2 – I’ll Deal With Him Later

Killing Eve, S1 Ep2 - I'll Deal With Him Later

The second episode of Killing Eve sees Eve assembling her team as the hunt for the mysterious assassin begins in earnest while Villanelle is forced to spend a day doing “normal” things.

Killing Eve, S1 Ep2 - I'll Deal With Him LaterAfter being fired from her job at MI6, Eve is invited to breakfast with the indomitable Carolyn Martens, who found out about Eve’s obsession with female assassins. The story moves quickly and efficiently, much like Martens herself, and soon Eve recruits her old boss and assistant to her new team of investigators as they begin to properly gather evidence about Villanelle.

Eve continues to be a unique and refreshing take on the determined detective type as she isn’t depressed or sloppy, instead adorably awkward but still very sharp. It’s also great to see her surrounded by supportive people, and her old boss Bill agreed to be on her team even with the roles reversed. They later have a lot of fun torturing their old boss for information. And with the help of a genius hacker (there always is one), they’re on the right track.

Killing Eve, S1 Ep2 - I'll Deal With Him LaterEve is happier than she’s been in a while and her husband even remarks that she seems to be glowing. I’m glad that the show avoided the spy genre cliche of the spy keeping their mission a secret from their loved ones. Eve started out saying that she had been doing yoga but a few minutes later admitted the true nature of her work. And it was refreshing to see that her husband simply warned her to be careful and was supportive of her mission.

Killing Eve, S1 Ep2 - I'll Deal With Him LaterMeanwhile, Villanelle is becoming a cause for concern for her bosses. After the bloody mess she left behind in London, Konstantin worries that she might be leaving traces. She fails a psychological assessment and is asked to take a break and to do something “normal” for a while.

She is none too pleased about this situation but she finds some distraction in her cute neighbor Sebastian. He develops a crush on her earlier in the episode and they hang out and eventually have sex. The interesting thing about this whole relationship, as noted by Refinery29, is how Killing Eve subverts so many things about the spy genre. Villanelle is compared to James Bond while Sebastian is the attractive, doe-eyed, nurturing, and inevitably dispensable “Bond girl.”

Villanelle is in control of the whole situation and their sex scene shows her slamming into her partner relentlessly while making eerily intense eye contact. The guy is clearly enjoying himself and expresses this loudly, while one is unsure about Villanelle’s pleasure. He seems crazy about her even after having just met her, while to her he’s just a way to pass the time.

Killing Eve, S1 Ep2 - I'll Deal With Him LaterBut he’s only a distraction after all and Villanelle is determined to fulfill her latest assignment, despite Konstantin’s orders. In another stylishly shot sequence, she disguises herself as a waitress and slyly hands a bottle of poisoned perfume to her victim. She watches in fascination and delight as her victim dies. It’s a chilling performance from Jodie Comer and she really sells Villanelle’s psychopathic nature.

Later on, after a tense confrontation with Konstantin, the latter relents and warns her to “deal with” her new boyfriend. Unfortunately for Sebastian, he takes a whiff of Villanelle’s fatal fragrance and drops dead at her door. She shrugs it off and is probably pleased that the whole thing was taken care of so conveniently.

The episode ends with both women simultaneously realizing that they had already met in that hospital bathroom in episode one. Their reactions to this realization are interesting because while Eve is elated to learn that she may have inadvertently crossed paths with her quarry, Villanelle seems uncharacteristically unnerved. And as we learned in the past two episodes, it takes a lot to upset this assassin. The game is properly on now on Killing Eve and I can’t wait to see how these two will play it.