REVIEW: Once Upon a Time, S7 Ep 17 – Chosen

Once Upon a Time, S7 Ep 17 - Chosen

The Candy Killer tells his story and reveals his complicated history with Zelena in this week‘s episode of Once Upon a Time.

After kidnapping Henry last week, Hansel (who had been running around as Jack back in the old country) tells his sad story to his captive while also trying to wake Henry up by showing the DNA results that prove he is Lucy’s real father. But all to no avail, the curse’s hold is strong and it will take a lot more than this to wake someone up. Henry makes it back to Jacinda and Lucy, safe and sound, so there were never really any stakes as far as he was concerned.

Once Upon a Time, S7 Ep 17 - ChosenIt turns out that Zelena had a past with Hansel and Gretel, as this version of the siblings was set in Oz. She had tried to challenge the candy-house witch but failed and she had shown no interest in freeing the captive children.

The episode was pretty much about how Zelena almost found love in Oz (though I had hoped that it would be the Tin Man introduced in season 6) and then, finally got her happy ending in the world without magic, as we were introduced to the fiance she left behind when Regina woke her. Chad was a perfectly normal human being, with no ties to any of the Once Upon a Time story. And despite being held hostage by Hansel and learning more about Zelena’s past, he still loved and accepted her for who she was.

In Oz, Zelena had been rescued by Hansel and Gretel’s father, who was blind, and through his kindness and generosity, she began to change her wicked ways. She went as far as taking the sight of the candy-witch and trying to rescue the children. But they had already escaped and even made it in time to tell their father all about the Wicked Witch. Pushed into a corner, she goes back into her comfort zone and lashes out in anger and spite. She throws the dust that would have restored the father’s sight into the fire and then burns and scars Hansel (for life). No wonder the guy had a grudge against her.

Once Upon a Time, S7 Ep 17 - ChosenBut Zelena triumphs and resists the urge to kill Hansel in the end. Zelena has come a long way and so her fiance still chooses to marry her, despite her complicated past. And since this was what she had been looking for all her life, someone to truly love her (without being a manipulative Greek god of the underworld), Zelena was able to easily give up magic. She bid farewell to her sister, who was genuinely happy for her, and gave her magic necklace to her daughter who chose to stay in Hyperion Heights because of her budding relationship with Tilly. If this is the last we will see of Zelena on Once Upon a Time, at least she finally got her happy ending.

Meanwhile, Doctor Facilier continues to be as shady as ever, taking something from Drew/Prince Naveen (who happens to be awake) and then getting rid of Hansel since the latter failed in his quest to kill Mother Gothel. One wonders how Facilier has managed to go around waking people up in the curse and now, more than ever, his motives seem to be nefarious in nature, despite all the seeming goodwill he had shown Regina. I do hope she isn’t falling for any of his tricks.