REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5E17 – The Honeymoon

Ugh. Much like Talbot, I’d really have liked some good news to have come out of this episode – which is to say, positive development. But I guess I’ll try to be satisfied with what we did get, until next week that is.

So, what did we learn this week? First of all, Ruby has had it with her mother’s controlling nature. She’s taken her down and locked her in, just like she herself was locked in so many times. But I note Ruby didn’t kill her – and I’m sure she’s capable of it. So she’s still the young girl wanting her mother’s approval/love. That should definitely come back into play in later eps. Meanwhile, though, she and Strucker/Alex/whatever the heck his name is are threatening Fitzsimmons, so I really want them to die already.

“I knew that would shut you up.” <3 </3

I’m glad we got the May/Coulson confrontation that we all knew had to be coming. She needed to call him out – as only she can. But I must admit: that “I love you”? Was almost as much of a surprise to me as it was to Coulson. A very happy surprise, of course, even in the midst of their tension and her anger. Such a May way to confess her love. (Also, FINALLY).

Also, the Quake/Ruby confrontation was obviously just one of several, since it ended so quickly this time. Still, though, I wonder if anything about how easily Daisy knocked her out has shaken Ruby’s confidence at all. ‘Cuz it really should have.

Fitz and Simmons continue to be among the most adorable characters in anything ever. I don’t know how I can be in kind of terrified awe of their ability to manipulate even their friends to do what they believe is necessary one week, and just be squeeing about them as a couple the next week. But that was me in this ep. I loved that callback to Fitz trying to save Simmons by jumping out of the plane in season one. I loved their rule of no longer letting themselves be split up. I loved their running commentary about their honeymoon, and Fitz addressing Simmons as “Better Half.” They’re just so awesome together, and it makes me so happy that they are in fact together. Though of course I would rather they hadn’t ended the episode being threatened by Ruby and Mr. Boring. Here’s hoping that Yo-Yo makes it back to them in time to keep them from being forced to rebuild the chamber component. Time can be rewritten, dammit! Except based on the promo for next week, that part can’t be. Sigh.

Speaking of Yo-Yo, I’m SO glad she’s (apparently) killed Ivanov. Dude needed to have died permanently, seasons ago. As Elena said, we all know who’s superior in a choice between him and her. But I wasn’t too surprised her hands reacted poorly to her super-speed; pretty sure that wasn’t among the tests they ran on them. Ouch.

What’s that saying about meeting your heroes, and then being quaked into a tree by them?

Lastly, Deke. Poor Deke. He really needs to find his place with the team and stop blundering into trouble. But Deke high on drugs post-surgery rambling about his crush on Daisy was, of course, hilarious. Basically I’m a sucker for scenes like that, on whatever show. Mack’s and Piper’s reactions? Also priceless. Heeeee. (Also, we all totally agree, Deke: Mack is the coolest).

What did you think of the episode? Did you see Talbot’s HYDRA programming coming? Any predictions as to what he’ll do next week? Let us know in the comments.