REVIEW: Siren – 1.04: “On the Road”


Will Maddie’s Dad end up finding out the truth?

With how the events of Siren‘s fourth episode, “On the Road,” took place, it could almost serve as a series finale of sorts. Believe me, I do not want this show to get cancelled any time soon! (Given the ratings of the series premiere, I think we’re guaranteed a second season *crosses fins*). But still, the writers clearly made a conscious decision to tie up storylines quickly, rather than keep them going until the end of the season.

I thought for sure Chris and Ryn’s sister were going to be held up in that military base until the 9th episode or so. But I love that they reunited everyone! It allows for the next plot to evolve naturally and continues to keep us on our toes. A nice hook, line, and sinker if you will.


Maddie will stop at nothing to make sure Ryn is okay.

Another aspect of what I love most about this series, besides the mermaid premise, is how it has so much heart and emotion! There is not a single main character that I dislike. When Xander finally found Chris, I nearly cried myself. And seeing Ryn’s continued determination and reasoning to stay put on land, made me admire her that much more.


“They call it an auto-immune response, when they don’t understand what something is.”

What I’m most excited to see or I hope at least gets delved into deeper is Helen’s “autoimmune response.” In pretty much every scene she’s been included in, Helen has explained her many mermaid facts to Ben and Maddie. We thought it was just that – fishy knowledge. But could her family history include a lineage of mermaids perhaps? When she helped Ryn with her severe dry skin, Ryn found out about her “autoimmune response.” Areas of her ankle looked affected similarly to Ryn’s current ailment. “They call it an autoimmune response when they don’t understand what something is,” Helen explains to Ryn. Could she be a fish out of water herself, one that’s mastered the art of appearing human throughout time, or is this just an ordinary sickness? Regardless, I need for Helen to quit teasing us and to tell us about her history in one episode. Did she fall in love with a human so she stayed on land? Was her Mom a mermaid, therefore making her half human/mermaid?

Speaking of mermaids, this was the first episode where we really saw Ryn’s sister, Donna, in action. From the damage she caused at the military base (did anyone else think it was a scene straight out of Cabin in the Woods?) to her journey home with Chris and reunion with Ryn, “On the Road” was almost an origin story for her. We’ve seen how Ryn reacted to being on land and meeting humans, now it’s Donna’s turn. Unfortunately, she didn’t really have the best start, what with being tortured by the scientist and military. But I was pleased with the trust she had with Chris, even if it was minor. Also Chris’ patience with Donna! Granted he was half out of it and slowly dying. Given Donna’s history with humans, how do you think she’ll react towards Ryn’s fondness with Ben and Maddie? Both sisters definitely had different introductions to land and that’s bound to come to the surface.

What did you think of Siren‘s 1.04: “On the Road”?

Siren‘s 1.04: “Curse of the Starving Class” airs next Thursday at 8/7c on Freeform.

The trailer for it can be viewed below.

Obviously it was going to happen, but I’m so glad that Ryn came back to Maddie and Ben! Of course it’s for a terrible reason, but all the more to touch on Ben’s family’s seafood business? Also am I wrong, or will this anticipated scene (for me) happen next week?

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