REVIEW: Shadowhunters – 3.04: “Thy Soul Instructed”


“I think I’m losing my mind.”

If “What Lies Beneath” was finding out “hoo” was the Owl, “Thy Soul Instructed” is “owl” about finding what Lilith exactly has in store for Jace the Owl. Not good things if you ask me. Lilith, on the other hand, would say otherwise.

Owl About That Jace…Fate: I’ve stated many a time that Jace isn’t my favorite character, nor is Clace my favorite pairing. But man oh man, do I currently feel for this shadowhunter! I think what’s different this time is that none of what he’s currently going through is his fault. Sure, one could argue that what is happening to him is all because he killed Jonathan. In fact Lilith proclaimed to Owl!Jace, “I will destroy you, like you destroyed him.” Not having any recollection of where he’s been, what he’s done, or really any control over his body since Lilith first took hold of him in his sleep, is something he shouldn’t have to go through. It doesn’t help that when he does try to confide in someone about his recent troubles, they just explain his family history to him and say it’s “all in your head.” Fortunately for Jace, there is a minor loophole in transforming into the Owl/Lilith’s servant. Clary’s love for Jace is one of the proven ways he can snap out of his trance. But what would happen if Clary was out of the picture? Seeing how Lilith has come to Magnus for help, hoo knows what’s going to take flight.


Hate on Jordan all you want, but only positive things towards Chai, please.

The Bromance Begins: Ever since I saw who was cast as Jordan Kyle, I’ve wanted to see him on my television screen. It’s in “Thy Soul Instructed” that we finally saw Chai Hansen and I couldn’t be happier or more proud for him! Simon literally runs into the guy (known to him as just Kyle) while trying to find an apartment of his own. With a sweet place, nice roommate, and in need of a room stat – living with Kyle seems like the perfect setup, right? From what we viewers have seen, it seems that “Kyle” is on our “Do Not Trust” list. Also, we know that his eventual meeting of Maia isn’t going to bode well. Drama aside, I can’t wait to see how all of this unfolds. Thoughts on Chai’s portrayal of the anticipated Jordan Kyle? Was I the only one that was shocked to find that Chai kept his Aussie accent? It appears Jordan originally hails from Brisbane.


Clizzy does not approve of Raphael’s recent testings on Heidi.

Raphael’s Day in the Sun: In my opinion, Raphael has always been quite problematic. Sure he’s had some redeeming qualities/moments in the past (his relationship with his sister, Rosa, and Magnus, and revealing that he’s asexual), but I think he’s caused more grief than actually helped people overall. Given Heidi’s rather eccentric new vampire behavior, we’re at first led to be believe that she’s the villainous vampire. But we come to find out that Raphael has been using her for his own personal gain. The reason he’s constantly tranquilizing and burning her is to see if he can make more Daylighters, like Simon. So of course Heidi would try to get revenge on him by chaining him to be burned alive no less! Vamp had it coming if you ask me.

The honorable mention in this episode has to be seeing more of Clary and Isabelle’s professional relationship. With Clary an official Shadowhunter now, she’s able to help solve cases with Isabelle. It’s great to see both gals working together. By having them paired as partners, they’re able to grow and develop individually and not constantly be referred to as “Alec’s little sister” or “the newbie Shadowhunter.”

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