REVIEW: Once Upon a Time, S7 Ep 16 – Breadcrumbs

Once Upon a Time, S7 Ep 16 - Breadcrumbs

Once Upon a Time takes a dark turn this week as the witch-killer’s identity is confirmed, Henry puts himself in danger (both in the present and in the flashback), and Tilly and Margot build a relationship.

I called it last week. Jack is Hansel and Hansel is the witch killer. I’ve been watching this show for seven seasons. Once Upon a Time is never that subtle and the big “twists” are not as shocking as they are hyped up to be. At any rate, I’m glad we didn’t waste any time before this reveal, particularly since there are a number of threads to be resolved before the series wraps up.

This was a Regina-less episode so that automatically made it less magical for me. Luckily, Rumple had more screen time, bonding with his grandson as they searched for clues in the notated copy of Henry’s book. The clues were pretty obvious and I’m sure Rumple had already figured it out. He probably just wanted to spend some time with Henry.

Once Upon a Time, S7 Ep 16 - BreadcrumbsRogers helps Tilly get a job at Sabine’s food truck and while trying to sell beignets to passers-by, she bumps into Margot, Kelly’s daughter and Robin’s Hyperion Heights alter ego. They share some touching moments together, proving that even simple interactions between characters with real chemistry can be more effective than magical MacGuffins or contrived “signs.”

Margot also tries to sort things out with her mother, who is having trouble finding the right timing and manner to explain their cursed situation. And there’s still that fiance she left behind. Hopefully, Zelena still finds a way to get her happy ending, despite everything.

Meanwhile, Henry had some big life decisions as he got a job offer in New York. With things so uncertain with Jacinda, he considered taking it and moving out of the Heights for good. His flashback was also about his struggling over their relationship, but this time it was trying to make a big, romantic gesture to Ella when he proposed. (It’s tough when your grandparents are Snow and Charming).

Once Upon a Time, S7 Ep 16 - BreadcrumbsHe goes on a scripted sea voyage with Wish!Hook, who really tried his best to set up a heroic journey for the kid. Blackbeard was there being a plot device, as usual. Henry braves a storm and finds it in himself to propose to Ella by a beautiful, conflict-free lake. She accepts, of course, but her Hyperion Heights counterpart is still having second thoughts about him.

Henry gets a sign that he and Jacinda are meant to be when a shard of the glass slipper pierces one of his tires. Unfortunately for him, Jack/Hansel gives him a ride to the airport and Henry gives away too obviously that he has figured out the guy’s true identity. So he ends up in the belly of the beast, at the mercy of a disturbed serial killer with a penchant for chocolates.

Hopefully, the detectives will find enough clues to get young Henry out of this mess. I’m not too worried. He’s such an integral part of Once Upon a Time so I’m sure he’ll get out unscathed. I can’t say the same for Jack, but I wish we could get more about his backstory before he is eventually defeated.