REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5E16 – Inside Voices

Not as much forward movement in this episode as some, but that doesn’t mean it was boring. Plus once again, we get some interesting continuity from plotlines going all the way back to the first season.

Will gravitonium – and a headful of arguing megalomaniacs – finally kill the Absorbing Man?

First off, I’ll admit I didn’t see Creel’s teamup with Coulson coming until right before it happened. It’s nice that Brian Patrick Wade is getting more of a chance to show off his acting ability, rather than just looking intense and menacing. Also I’m truly curious to know just what happened to Creel when he touched the gravitonium – which apparently contains both Dr. Hall and Ian Quinn. Is he possessed now? Or just going slowly crazy? Did he actually absorb any of gravitonium’s properties as well, or not? And I guess we can assume Hale will remove any illusions of him not being a prisoner after his rebellion.

Speaking of that rebellion, always glad to see more of Talbot. While it’s sad that he’s been kind of driven insane, he does have some great lines and great moments as a result of his lack of filter – and even in his moments of lucidity. I mean, he’s totally right: Coulson has died more often than anyone else on the show, at least. I hope the general doesn’t end up dying a sacrificial death; he deserves to make it back to his family. (Coulson also deserves to be with his family, by the way. My weekly repetition: do NOT permanently kill him off!!).

Oh, and since it needs to be mentioned, I loooved that clever little Dr. Horrible reference with Coulson telling Creel that he’s not going to join Hale’s “Evil League of Evil.” Hee! Nice one, Jed and Maurissa.

I’m intrigued at how May has been deferring to Daisy in the last couple of episodes, even when she doesn’t really agree with her decisions. I know that she and Daisy “need each other,” like Robin pointed out. I know May wants to respect Coulson’s wishes about Daisy becoming a SHIELD leader, too. Still, it seems to me that Daisy would defer to May, if May pressed her. So it’s a noteworthy choice on the senior agent’s part. Also with regard to May, her scenes with Robin were once again bittersweet. The writers could have done an easy thing and made Robin’s birth mom angry or resentful of her daughter’s connection to May – but I’m glad they didn’t. I’m glad the two women had a moment of connection, too.

These guys are making me seriously nervous.

Now, for the “Invincible Three.” Watching Elena and Jemma manipulate poor Mack was not cool. I felt terrible for him – though I wasn’t at all surprised that his idea to keep Yo-Yo “safe” backfired on him. Dude, you know she’s independent and able to take care of herself (and her new arms are awesome!). She wasn’t going to react well to that. But Jemma – oh, wow. She and Fitz are quite the cold-blooded pair. I am quite worried about these guys. Even after Jemma’s empirical evidence, I’m not convinced they’re invincible. Don’t die, any of you. Also Yo-Yo, you’re going to have to make this up to Mack in a big way.

So, it looks like from the promo for next week, we’re finally getting the Ruby-Daisy showdown. Hope that doesn’t lead to the world ending right there…