Watch the trailer for The City and The City

The City and the CityChina Miéville’s 2008 sci-fi novel, The City and The City, has been adapted for television by the BBC. The series will consist of four episodes and will star David Morrissey (The Walking Dead, Britannia) as Tyador Borlú, an inspector with the Extreme Crime Squad in one of the two cities of the series.

Miéville is known for his extraordinary work in various genres such as the fantasy Bas Lag series (Perdido Street Station, The Scar, Iron Council), and stand-alone novels such as Kraken, Railsea, and Embassytown.

From the trailer we can already get a glimpse of a stylish and intriguing setting, and the show’s premise certainly brings some level of fascination. According to an advanced review by The Guardian, this unique thriller has “much to say about quintessentially 21st-century themes such as othering, this may well divide audiences – which seems appropriate.”

Here is the summary of the series, according to The Verge:

“The story is set in a unique world. Two cities — the poor Besźel and wealthy Ul Qoma — occupy the same geographic space, with populations that aren’t permitted to interact and have their own unique cultures, languages, and architecture. The citizens of each city can sort of see one another, but are conditioned to ignore denizens of the other city; “breaching,” or breaking that separation, is a grave crime, and it often results in residents being deported by a mysterious secret police force. Borlú is tasked with investigating the murder of a Ul Qoma student named Mahalia Geary. He must piece together the circumstances of her murder, and how it’s connected to the separation between the two realities.”

Don’t miss The City and The City as it premieres on BBC Two on April 6.

Check out the trailer below: