REVIEW: Shadowhunters – 3.03: “What Lies Beneath”


Clizzy’s side-eye game is strong.

What Lies Beneath is easily one of my favorite thriller films to date (not to mention quite under-rated). So imagine my delight when I found this episode of Shadowhunters to be the best of the season thus far!

There are many reasons why I think that. For starters, we’re slowly starting to see the exposition of Lilith and even Simon’s brand evolve as each episode passes by. It makes sense because you can’t just give us all this information at the start of the season, plus what fun would that be?


Just look at how far you’ve come, Mama Lightwood.

Malec family dinner vs. Maryse grilling: The second Isabelle and Alec mentioned Maryse was in town and that they proposed a family dinner at Magnus’ to shield the blow of whatever criticism she had for them, I was on board! When Isabelle and Jace had to cancel due to demon duties, I was even more psyched for this storyline. In my opinion, I think we’re just now starting to see a more carefree version of Magnus and Alec’s relationship. Alec’s been out to himself and his family for a while now, and I think he’s finally stripped away that cold exterior that we encountered at the beginning of the series.

Alec isn’t the only one that’s had the hefty character development. Maryse Lightwood is practically a different person completely. She went from barely acknowledging both Izzy and Alec in season 1 to walking into Magnus’ home shouting, “My boys!” and proceeding to hug both Alec and Magnus! I’m not gonna lie, Nicola Correia-Damude’s performance made me teary-eyed. Not only her love and acceptance for her son, but her newfound outlook on life. With the reveal that her runes will be stripped shortly and she’ll be exiled from Alicante/the Shadowhunter world, I was expecting her to be in hysterics at least. But she still has her family, and a now strong relationship at that!

With a mundane Maryse on the horizon, I’m interested to see if she’ll be seeking out help from Luke, Clary, or Simon on the ways of being a human. Since her divorce with Robert is now finalized, will we be seeing a new love interest for her? Particularly with a certain werewolf by chance? What did you think of the Malec storyline of the episode? I thought it was great to see such a fun and practically lighthearted plot for these two for once.


Are we Team Raphael or Team Charlie?

“Hoo” is the Owl?: For the rest of our merry group of Shadowhunters, the only thought on their minds was figuring out who the heck was the Owl faced demon. Convinced it’s a resurrected Jonathan, Jace crashes a recent almost-victim of Lilith’s party, with Clary and Izzy following suit. I know I’m going to get a lot of hate for this, but I usually find myself tuning out Jace’s storylines. But this time I was really intrigued to see who was Owl Face. That and I found it amusing that everyone literally was just referring to this demon as “Owl Face.” Shadowhunters has had quite the number of plot twists thrown our way, but I think this one had me the most surprised.

Jace is Owl Face! He has been trying to track himself down this entire time! We have little information on how this came to be, but I reckon it has something to do with the Lake Lyn wish? Or at the very Lilith’s been behind it this whole time. I need more of the storyline and this villain actually, please! So is it safe to say that every time Jace has imagined Jonathan, he’s been Owl Face? Thoughts and theories everyone?

Simon and Maia “on brand”: Our power couple of the show dove into finding out what exactly is Simon’s brand and why did the Seelie Queen place it on him. I think this all stems down to him being a Day Lighter. We’ve now seen two instances of Simon being threatened by someone, and the brand then takes them down. What does the Seelie Queen want with Simon? Based on the fact that Simon couldn’t get into the Seelie Court, it doesn’t seem that she’s going to reveal her secrets any time soon. Also side note – Simon and Maia are an absolute breath of fresh air. They work together as a team, don’t have those constant dramatic fights, and really both seem to care about and respect each other. Keep these two together for as long as possible! Speaking of Simon, you should check out the interview we recently did with Alberto Rosende. We got all sorts of tidbits and teases on what we can expect next for our favorite Daylighter – from the Seelie Queen’s brand, Saia’s relationship, and even future Sizzy scenes!

The honorable mention for me this episode is that we finally know who Raphael’s keeping hostage. Okay, it sounds terrible when I word it like that. More so, someone he’s trying to keep under control (or tranquilized) while she deals with being a new vampire. We meet Heidi (played by Tessa Mossey, who I actually didn’t realize we’ve already met before. It makes for great continuity on the writers’ part and means I have to rewatch this show past season 1). From what we’ve seen of vampire!Heidi, I’d say she’s quite similar to The Vampire Diaries‘ Caroline Forbes personality (and even looks) wise. There’s that energetic “knows no rules” behavior, and yet we’re drawn to her in a way that will for sure find me rooting for her. I can’t wait to see more of her!

What did everyone think of Shadowhunters‘ 3.03: “What Lies Beneath”?

Shadowhunters‘ 3.04: “Thy Soul Instructed” airs next Tuesday at 8/7c on Freeform.

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