REVIEW: The Walking Dead, S8 Ep14 – Still Gotta Mean Something

The Walking Dead, S8 Ep14 – Still Gotta Mean Something

Rick agonizes on whether he should read Carl’s letter, Carol finds annoying Henry and Morgan has hallucinations, while Negan and Jadis have a weird bonding experience in this week’s The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead, S8 Ep14 – Still Gotta Mean SomethingIt’s another busy chapter of the show, including a huge zombie mob devouring some runaway Saviors, but there isn’t much to this episode. The show seems to be dilly-dallying until the final stretch of action-packed episodes. Tara and Daryl continued to argue about Dwight’s true allegiance, though it became obvious that the arrow that pierced Tara was not tainted with walker blood.

Carol and Morgan went for a walk in the woods where Morgan continued to be haunted by strange visions and Carol worried about Henry. They had a vague, hushed conversation about the limits of going berserk but Morgan was still pretty much on the edge. Later, they find Henry, who has lost his irritating petulance and thirst for revenge, to everyone’s relief. Hopefully, this is the last we will see of him and his dumb decisions.

I do hope the show gives Morgan more to do than just be unstable. At his best, he can be such an interesting character, but he’s been given such inconsistent treatment that even Lennie James’ performance isn’t that compelling anymore. A real shame.

Meanwhile, we caught up with Negan and Jadis, after the former’s capture two episodes ago. Jadis may have given up her weird way of speaking but her actions were still pretty peculiar. She had Negan tied up with a gun and a flare and photos that were precious to her just within his reach. There was also a walker on wheels rolling towards him.

The Walking Dead, S8 Ep14 – Still Gotta Mean SomethingEven in captivity, Negan was chatty. And he was actually at his best because he was in such a vulnerable position. More than his endless smug monologues, Negan shines on screen when he has genuine, emotional reactions to events like Carl’s death. In this episode, he says that he values his barbed-wire bat so much because it is named after his late wife, who helped him get through life before The Walking Dead. We’re not entirely sure if this is true but he certainly sold the story. One reviewer noted that the season would have benefited from an episode devoted to Negan’s back story, just so that we could better appreciate the character before his (inevitable) demise.

One big development that wasn’t really explained was how Jadis knew there would be a helicopter flying by. That surprised even Negan. But the flare was extinguished too soon and Jadis was left alone. In the end, they parted on pretty amicable terms (given the complex circumstances). I’m surprised Negan let her go without getting some kind of explanation for the freakin’ helicopter. He must want answers. I know I do. But I guess, that will have to wait until it becomes convenient for the plot again.

The Walking Dead, S8 Ep14 – Still Gotta Mean SomethingRick refused to read Carl’s letter to him, no doubt because he knew that his son would advise him not to go on a murderous, vengeful rampage, which he did as he and Morgan found the Saviors who had run away from the Hilltop and left them at the mercy of the walker mob. At least, the horrible Jared finally died, and in a particularly gruesome way too. The Walking Dead always finds creative means of killing off characters, I’ll give it that.

But later on, Rick and Michonne shared a tender moment, as the latter reminded him not to be consumed by his pain. They even exchanged “I Love You’s,” which is so rare on The Walking Dead that such a scene is to be cherished. Rick finally reads Carl’s letter and seems to have had a change of heart. Let’s see where he will be directing his energy next week.