‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Ending After Season 4

It was a bit of a good news, bad news situation today when Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star and co-creator Rachel Bloom announced via Twitter that her show had been renewed for a fourth and final season.

This isn’t exactly a surprise given that her fellow co-creator, Aline Brosh McKenna, has previously discussed a four season plan for the show. In a 2016 Vanity Fair article, the two women explained that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s story would consist of “four cycles” of Rebecca’s life – and if each of those cycles is a season, then it seems like her tale is ending exactly when it needs to. Rebecca’s third cycle, if you will, ended at one of the lowest points possible. Whether she can climb herself out of a guilty plea for the attempted murder of her ex remains to be seen, but at least fans can feel relieved to know that the final season is occurring at the discretion of the creators and the star herself. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has made a masterpiece out of the themes of self-discovery and renewal, and this Fall promises more of the same.

Considering that it seems Jane The Virgin is on the path to a final season, as well, this is a time of mourning for CW’s female-oriented stories. But it’s also a time to celebrate creators being allowed to dictate the confines of their creations, because how often have audiences fallen for a show’s bright and brilliant first season only to feel used and abused by repetitive stories in the fifth or sixth season? Instead, two of the CW’s most critically-acclaimed shows will go out with a bang instead of a whimper, still at the top of their game creatively speaking and still looked upon fondly by fans and viewers everywhere.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s fourth season premieres Friday, October 12th at 10/9pm central on the CW.