REVIEW: Once Upon a Time, S7 Ep 15 – Sisterhood

Once Upon a Time, S7 Ep 15 - Sisterhood

The relationship between the daughters of Rapunzel came into focus on this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time as Drizella is put to the test before joining the Coven of the Eight. Henry and Jacinda continue to doubt whether they are meant to be while Regina and Rumple try to find out what Samdi is really up to.

The newly-reformed Ivy was desperate for magic and after an attack by the masked witch-killer, she wants a way home. So, in a convoluted plot, she teams up with Samdi and manipulates Anastasia into helping her. Their plan is interrupted by the arrival of Mother Gothel. But in the ensuing confrontation, Ivy manages to remind her sister of their former close bond (one that was only shown in this episode, but let’s go with it).

Once Upon a Time, S7 Ep 15 - SisterhoodRegina and Rumple arrive and find the reconciled sisters. They help them on their way and though forgiveness is still a long shot, Regina at least does not wish to hold any grudge against Ivy. She’s really come a long way.

In the corresponding Enchanted Forest flashback, Drizella is determined to join the Coven of the Eight just so she could enact her curse. Mother Gothel tests her resolve in various ways and even lets her enter a competition among other witches to win the last spot in the coven.

Along the way, Drizella befriends a magic-wielding Gretel, all grown up now considering she and her brother appeared in the first season of Once Upon a Time. Gretel gives her backstory and mentions that Hansel is now psychologically damaged and living under another name. More on that later. Drizella is forced to kill Gretel and she earns her place in the coven.

At the end of the episode, Samdi visits Regina and says that he never intended to hurt Anastasia, only to siphon off some of her magic and then present that as a gift to Regina. She’s grateful for the magic but, like all of us, she probably doesn’t trust Samdi completely. Neither does Rumple, who confronts the latter at the end of the episode to give him a warning.

Once Upon a Time, S7 Ep 15 - SisterhoodIn all fairness, Rumple has come a long way, probably due to his relationship with Belle. He lets Anastasia, the guardian, return home and does no harm to Ivy because he has learned that doing good has always brought him closer to Belle. I also enjoyed his bonding moments with Regina in this episode and am glad that he remains protective of her.

Henry spends most of the episode hanging out with Rogers and Jack and then briefly talking to Jacinda. Once Upon a Time likes to rub it in our faces that certain couples are meant to be (i.e. Snowing), so there were some rather pointless scenes of Jacinda and Henry trying to toss a token into a glass.

The really intriguing revelation was that Jack might be the Candy Killer after all. This makes his character more interesting and gives him something to do at least, though his remark to Detective Rogers was little on-the-nose.

With the convenient exposition from Gretel in the flashback, my guess is Jack is actually Hansel, who not only hates witches but also found out that Drizella killed his sister. And the candy stuff should have been a giveaway.