INTERVIEW: Krypton Cast Tease First Season Intrigues

We got the chance to to go in-depth into the world of Krypton at WonderCon over the weekend, as stars Cameron Cuffe (Seg-El), Georgina Campbell (Lyta Zod), Wallis Day (Nyssa-Vex) and Shaun Sipos (Adam Strange) discuss their characters’ motivations and everything to come in Syfy’s latest series. Showrunner Cameron Welsh also had some interesting tidbits of his own to share, so check out all their responses in the videos below before diving into the second episode tonight!

Cameron Cuffe is of course honored to be taking on the mantle of the Superman legacy, but he is even more interested in the unique perspective that his character Seg-El brings to the story. “I think that’s part of what makes him a very relatable hero,” Cuffe explains. “He doesn’t know right from wrong. Superman’s greatest power is that he knows the right thing, and Seg doesn’t have that. He’s not fully-formed, he’s morally adrift.” So it’s no wonder that the idea of a far-off superhero grandson throws him for a loop.

And that’s not even counting the forces pulling him in different directions in the present, such as his love of Lyta vs. his duty to Nyssa. How will those two potential romances play out? “These are two people who love each other, who are completely unique to each other,” he says about Seg and Lyta. “They see the world the same way, and once you find that in someone, no matter what happens, it’s hard to let that go.” And with Nyssa, on the other hand? “Nyssa is the one person he can’t get a read on. He’s not really sure what side she’s playing, and he’s intrigued by her.” Finally, Dev-Em (played by Aaron Pierre) makes up the fourth point of the complex situation, and Cuffe teases that dynamic is “obviously very antagonistic” because they both love the same amazing woman, but their relationship evolves over the course of the season, and eventually “they have to work together.”

One of the tentpole dynamics in Krypton is with Adam Strange, which Cuffe refers to as a “wonderful sort of Odd Couple relationship and where a lot of the fun of the show comes from.” As much as they may snipe at each other, a grudging respect blossoms for them throughout the season and they each have a lot to teach the other about their respective worlds. Speaking of which, Krypton the planet is more than one city or culture, and so Cuffe previews that, “Within season one, you will see at least one different culture.”

While Georgina Campbell cannot speak for Lyta when it comes to choosing between Seg-El and Dev-Em, she does venture that “it’s interesting over the series seeing how her relationship develops with Dev.” Campbell also describes her character’s relationship with Seg as one between two people who are in love but may not know each other as well as they think. “Lyta and Seg are great together when they’re away from their work. But as soon as all these other issues start piling in, I think you do start to question this relationship and the strength of it.” That being said, the show does not fall back on the regressive tendency of pitting women against each other when it comes to the love square. “Even if Lyta doesn’t like [Nyssa-Vex], I think there is respect there.”

On the other hand, Lyta also has a very complex relationship with her mother to explore. Campbell has many interesting thoughts on that subject. “It’s a very good representation of a single-parent relationship in that it’s very intense.” While Lyta just wants her mother’s love and approval, “Jayna is very hard on Lyta and has a very strong idea of who Lyta should be and how she should behave, and Lyta doesn’t want to be that person.” The relationship may be termed as abusive, and Campbell reveals that over the season “[you’ll] see them start to figure out what they’ve done to each other… And also how they respect each other.”

Given how important Adam Strange is to the proceedings, it’s no surprise that Lyta will be interacting with him – and though she gives no hints as to the how, the when is Episode 3.

Shaun Sipos is personally thrilled with Adam Strange as the choice for Krypton‘s resident time traveler, hinting that his version of the character has already been to Rann but not necessarily Thanagar. As for his personal mission this season? Saving Superman is noble, but Adam also has his personal reasons for it. “He wants to be recognized. He wants to be somebody, he wants to be a superhero and be part of the Justice League.” The audience will be following him on the journey towards heroism this season, and Sipos teases Episodes 5 through 8 as the pinnacle of his arc. “There’s great payoff, and it really takes you on a great journey.”

Sipos finds Adam very appealing as a character, explaining that it’s primarily because of his pain. “He wasn’t very close with his dad, he lost his mom. He never really felt like he fit, which is why he adopts Krypton. He’s very similar to Superman and Seg in that sense.” He’s the alien in this show, which is ironic given that he’s the only human. “[The writers] did a fantastic job of putting Adam in situations that make you go, ‘Oh, he’s standing out.'” And then, of course, there’s the fact that he can fly and teleport. What better hero is there to play?

Adam can’t save Superman if Superman is never born, so will he have opinions on Seg’s romantic life? “Adam is there to preserve this timeline and have everything happen organically,” Sipos agrees. That being said, “he doesn’t really know who his grandmother is.” So as much as he knows specific events that need to play out, he can’t really speculate on which potential partner will eventually lead to Kal El.

Wallis Day is well aware that Nyssa-Vex’s agenda is hard to decipher in the first few episodes of Krypton, so she teases, “As we go through the series, that’s really when you decide whether she’s really a friend or a foe.” Even though the audience can’t be sure one way or another, “I think she’s definitely forced to head down a different direction, and it’s definitely not her father’s [agenda].” Perhaps the most interesting tease of all is that while her character starts off fighting for power, “Nyssa is forced to prioritize love over power as her relationship with Seg flourishes.”

Surprisingly, she reveals that the original incarnation of Nyssa was very different from her personality now. “I kind of worked alongside the writers to develop a slightly different storyline for her,” she teases. She also brings up the enmity between herself and Lyta, which is quite hateful at first. But soon enough, “we definitely do sit together and find ourselves in positions where we have no other choice, so their relationship massively develops over the series.”

“Episode 5 overall is just a massive game-changer,” she hints. But the stakes get even higher as the season goes on, so watch out for the last half of the season. Furthermore, Nyssa is a large part of the Brainiac conversation from perspective of a fearless woman, but she doesn’t meet Adam Strange.

Showrunner Cameron Welsh gives us some insight into building the world of Krypton, and furthermore clarifies that the first season will take fans to present-day Earth even if the show will not yet visit other planets or time periods. He also discusses rewarding longtime fans while still making sure that there is a broader appeal for new viewers, pointing out that not being a straight prequel freeas them up in a lot of ways. “From the moment Adam Strange arrives and sets Seg on his hero’s journey, the timeline’s changed.” Welsh explains. “We’re now not necessarily tied to a toy box that explodes.”

Krypton airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Syfy.