REVIEW: The Walking Dead, S8 Ep13 – Do Not Send Us Astray

The Walking Dead, S8 Ep13 - Do Not Send Us Astray

The Saviors attack the Hilltop during this action-packed chapter of The Walking Dead but though Maggie’s group succeeds at first, Negan’s poisonous strategy takes its toll on those left behind. At the end Maggie realizes the cost of her revenge and vows to be a better leader. Meanwhile, someone has to get rid of annoying Henry.

The Walking Dead, S8 Ep13 - Do Not Send Us AstrayDespite Negan’s absence, it was a pretty exciting episode all in all with Simon leading the Saviors against the Hilltop only to be surprised by Maggie’s organized defenses. Simon’s group suffered an embarrassing defeat, especially since Rick and company showed up as reinforcements. But little did Maggie and Rick know that all the injured had also been infected by the walker-blood-coated weapons of the Saviors.

For all the thrills, one wonders how much walker blood a person needs to be exposed to in order to be turned after illness. After all, lots of characters have been smothered in walker guts before without turning. And, in the usual futility of The Walking Dead‘s writing, the casualty count was high but only for characters we never really knew in the first place. The only one we knew by name was Tobin, the last of the Alexandrians with whom Carol had a fling (and we knew he was a goner because he had some sad screen time with Carol). So, high casualty count but ultimately minimal impact.

The Walking Dead, S8 Ep13 - Do Not Send Us AstrayThere were some good moments between the fight and the eventual internal walker massacre. Rick was still reeling over Carl’s death and Michonne was there to make sure he didn’t hurt himself. Dwight saved Tara from Simon by shooting her with the crossbow and she acknowledges that he might be on their side and she also mentions (finally) that she had made shady decisions in the past (i.e. the Governor). It will take a lot more for Daryl to appreciate Dwight’s difficult position though.

The Walking Dead, S8 Ep13 - Do Not Send Us Astray

The worst.


The most frustrating part of the episode was Henry’s involvement. Why does Henry even have to exist? He’s just another annoying child character on The Walking Dead who makes incredibly dumb decisions. Nobody likes Henry. And why did Carol and Ezekiel let him walk around unsupervised? He manages to find a gun AND a key to the pen with the imprisoned Saviors (why was no one standing guard?). Even after Morgan told him Gavin killed his brother, he unlocks the pen and tries to threaten the prisoners. But the newly-turned walkers arrive and chaos ensues and the rest of the prisoners, except the “kind” one who sides with Maggie, escape. Nice going, Henry. He’s gone missing but I hope he’s gone for good. Ugh.

For some weird reason, Morgan keeps getting visions of Gavin, cryptically reminding him that he “knows what it is.” Poor Morgan. I’m hoping he gets better character development when he joins Fear the Walking Dead next season.