REVIEW: Once Upon a Time, S7 Ep 14 – The Girl in the Tower

Once Upon a Time, S7 Ep 14 - The Girl in the Tower

Alice was the focus of this week’s Once Upon a Time episode while we also got to see more of Robin and how their relationship developed. Meanwhile, Regina and Lucy launched Operation Hyacinth by trying to find out Doctor Facilier’s real motives.

There was a short but touching scene between Henry and Ivy, which showed that the latter has seriously begun her road to redemption. She seemed genuinely remorseful for the hurt she had caused and she apologized to Henry though she still did not reveal what for. That will be an awkward conversation when the time comes.

But the star of the show was really Alice and her Hyperion Heights alter ego Tilly, as she struggled to learn more about herself both in the Enchanted Forest and the modern day city. On her birthday, while making a wish in her tower, Alice inadvertently summons a giant troll who destroys the tower and frees her from her prison at last.

She stumbles into the world in a daze, shocked that her dearest wish has come true. But because of the curse she is still unable to approach her father. She also meets Robin, Zelena’s daughter, for the first time, and it’s far from love at first sight. Still, it was great to see more of how their relationship developed from initial animosity to friendship. Robin eventually comes to defend Alice and makes her discover her own magic.

Once Upon a Time, S7 Ep 14 - The Girl in the TowerI complained before about how Once Upon a Time quickly introduced them as a couple without any previous background, assuming that everything happened off-screen. If we had been shown these flashbacks earlier in the season, we would have felt more for them by the time the curse rolled around.

In the modern times, Detective Rogers and Henry help Tilly reconstruct her past movements so that she has an alibi for the night the other witch was murdered. Tragic character that she is, she felt invisible as people do not remember having seen her around. But, just like in her past life, her troll comes to her rescue, as the giant troll statue under the bridge turns out to have had security camera footage. Clever.

Meanwhile, Regina goes on a date with Facilier just so Lucy can sneak into his apartment and snoop around. It seems strange for Regina to put her beloved granddaughter in such a risky situation, especially considering how shady Facilier is. Naturally, he later reveals that he had known about Lucy’s investigation.

Once Upon a Time, S7 Ep 14 - The Girl in the TowerHe lays the cards down for Regina, literally, and says that he intends to find the Dark One’s dagger. And I loved that moment when Regina admits that, for all their complicated history, she and Rumple were old friends. They’ve gone through a lot on Once Upon a Time but at least they’ve developed a relatively stable relationship.

A relationship that continues to intrigue me is the one between Regina and Facilier, which was teased a couple of episodes ago. Like with Robin and Alice, the writers just want us to believe that everything developed off-screen. It was a smooth move for Facilier to pull out the “Lovers” card for Regina’s future and say that she could still have a great love if she chose it.

This was then followed by Regina admitting to Zelena that, despite everything, she still has feelings for Facilier. But how? And why? What really happened between them? With only a handful of episodes left to develop this important relationship for a major character, Once Upon a Time cannot afford to waste any time.