REVIEW: The X-Files S11 Ep10 – My Struggle IV

Great news, everyone! I hated this episode almost as much as I thought I would!


It had everything: irritating, pretentious voice-overs; a rushed, senseless plot; conspiracies with nebulous, pointless goals; dialogue that sounded like it was written by a twelve-ear-old with a well-loved thesaurus; “shock” killing of characters for no reason; Scully being sidelined while Mulder does all the action hero stuff; of course the return of THAT storyline from the beginning of the season – oh, and a so-called cliffhanger which felt unearned. At least Einstein and Miller were still not in it. Teeny silver lining, I guess.

What I liked least about it, though, was how much it proved without a doubt that Chris Carter had no idea what to do with the William storyline, and clearly never has. I do not care that he isn’t dead after all. All his existence ever accomplished was to torment Scully – and to a lesser extent, Mulder. He should have been named “MacGuffin.” (Or the show should have ended after he was born). I mean, seriously? The Smoking Man shoots him, while thinking he’s killing Mulder, in order to have William in his grasp for… some protection against some BS alien virus. Super neat, guys. Wow.

And William himself isn’t even interesting. It’s not Miles Robbins’ fault – he did perfectly fine with the material he was given. But he’s just an extremely violent, troubled kid who doesn’t mind terrorizing anyone who gets in his way. Obviously I see why he’d be troubled, but it doesn’t mean I like him.

Speaking of liking characters, I was never that fond of Monica Reyes, but killing her off like that? Really? And as for Skinner, well, I refuse to believe he’s dead. If freaking CSM can come back after being blown up, Skinner is not dead. Not that I’d be watching another prospective season of this show, anyway. Hmph.

Also, you never even filmed one kiss this season? Not even one badly-shot one? Sigh.

It is not at all encouraging to me that Chris Carter still thinks the show can continue without Gillian Anderson/Scully, either. We’ve never had The X-Files without Scully, and I do not want to see how much farther it would fall without her. As for prequels? Well, whatever, but I would still not be interested. (Now, Carter’s joke about a Broadway musical would be hilariously bad, and I might have to go see that).

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson still drew me in at that last scene, because they are still good actors. But to have Scully even attempt to dismiss having been William’s mother? Huh?? Ugh. That’s not the Scully who so movingly wept for him when he “died” earlier this season. Scully being pregnant again does not make up for all this.

In conclusion, this was a mess. I’ll miss you, The X-Files, but please, please don’t come back. “I want to remember it the way it was,” as Darin Morgan wisely said.