Three Wishes For ‘Shadowhunters’ Season 3!

Clary: “You better be getting a lead story-line, Garroway.”

After what felt like the longest hiatus for new Shadowhunters episodes in my life, the third season airs in a matter of hours! So I thought, what better way to celebrate than to share the things I’m most looking forward to in this upcoming season.

1) Introducing – Chai Hansen:
Are there ever actors that get cast that are your favorite and you instantly want them to succeed and almost act like a proud parent of theirs? Those are my exact thoughts of Chai Hansen. I’ve been a huge fan of him ever since seeing him in Mako Mermaids, and I can’t wait to see his portrayal of Jordan. Plus, my two favorite fandoms colliding is a treat in itself! From what we know of Jordan already, he’s going to be loads problematic, but that just makes it even more exciting for me to see him in such a different role!

2) The Mother of All Demons: With Valentine (Alan Van Sprang) no longer in the picture, it’s time for a new villain to take the reins. Anna Hopkins will portray the ever-anticipated Lilith, the Mother of All Demons. Just from what we’ve seen in trailers/photos and even her “#HellWeek takeover” on Shadowhunters‘ Twitter, she is not to be messed with! Valentine was all about power, but it seems Lilith just wants to resurrect her “son,” Sebastian, and seek out revenge for him? So, a twisted version of motherly love? I can get behind that. But I’m curious to see the different (and similar) ways their villainous ways come to light. Also, Lilith doesn’t have any relation to Clary in any way. So in Lilith’s eyes, she’s expendable. I wonder how that will be touched upon as well.


Maia Matters

3) Representation is Key: Throughout the show’s run, we’ve seen a bunch of diverse characters and representation displayed in the show. From at least five LGBTQ+ characters, POC characters, etc. – seeing this representation is so important and matters dearly. Shadowhunters has yet to fail me in this department and I hope we see even more strong characters within this upcoming season. Or even give our current characters more development. Take Maia Roberts for instance; with Alisha Wainwright now an official series regular, we’re bound to get more screen time of this badass female werewolf! And with Jordan being introduced, I have a feeling Maia will just steal our hearts in every way possible. Magnus and Alec’s relationship has also been a strong component on the show. I really hope we continue to see not only their relationship unfold, but also their development as individual characters. Lastly, we have the minor characters as well. Now that Ollie knows about the truth of the shadowhunter/downworlder world, how will that not only affect her relationship with Luke, but her girlfriend, Sam?

What are you most looking forward to seeing (or not seeing even!) in these upcoming episodes?

Shadowhunters‘ third season airs tonight at 8/7c on Freeform.