REVIEW: Lucifer, S318 – The Last Heartbreak

Lucifer opens on Cain (Tom Welling) conducting police business at a bar in Los Angeles 1958 and refusing to buy a nice lady a drink. He’s interrupted by a pretty blonde who’s sure to steal the heart he won’t give away, but he’s called away on a case before they can flirt for too long. The so-called Broken Hearts Killer has struck again, murdering cheating couples and posing them together.

Walls on walls around Cain’s heart.

Half a century later, Pierce and Chloe (Lauren German) reminisce over last night’s date just as the Broken Hearts Killer dies in prison. Ella (Aimee Garcia) having to verbally remind the audience how much chemistry they have underscores that they don’t quite match a certain other couple’s, but nevertheless it seems they had a good time. She more accurately pinpoints Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis) jealousy and discomfort over the new dynamic, and his reaction to her observation foreshadows just how quickly things will escalate.

The case of the week is pretty intriguing for the first time in a while: a copycat killer emerges after the original dies, serving as a callback to Cain’s past and a way to pull him into the middle of both the investigation and Lucifer’s partnership with Chloe. As silly as it is to watch an immortal being have a one-man battle of egos when there’s a serial killer on the loose, it’s a great way to use Lucifer’s denial against him. Even better, it exposes more of Chloe’s thought process: Pierce is a valid choice because he actually seems to care about her work, but he also keeps her at arms’ length. The most compelling aspect of “The Last Heartbreak,” however, was the flashbacks. The time spent in the 1950s gives a clearer picture of who Cain used to be and why he’s been guarding his heart so fiercely. It’s especially poignant when his past comes back to haunt him in the form of the pretty blonde’s granddaughter, reminding him of the life he could never have.

More of this, please.

Unfortunately, the supporting characters suffered this week in the wake of such a strong A-plot. Poor Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) was never informed of what really happened to Charlotte (Tricia Helfer), leaving him to make a totally uncomfortable scene when runs into her on the street. Considering all the words he spews about flaming swords and other universes, she quickly begins to question everything she knows about herself. Things go from bad to worse when he thoughtfully rushes to warn Linda (Rachael Harris), only to discover that she was already aware and never thought to tell him. It seems like the story is over when Linda convinces him sharing Charlotte’s double life with her will also cause sorrow, but Amenadiel’s very next scene involves sitting down with Charlotte and telling her everything. And seeing as this is a monumental moment for her, it’s a shame Lucifer doesn’t include her reaction here.

Dan (Kevin Alejandro) gets to act the part of Dad in “The Last Heartbreak,” which is an interesting change of pace in and of itself. He is protective of Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) in the face of Maze’s (Lesley-Ann Brandt) increasingly unruly behavior, but he’s also perceptive enough to realize something deeper is going on with her. Alejandro has been milking the comedy this season, but this time he drives home how effectively he can handle more dramatic scenes as well. What’s more surprising is that Maze is affected enough by her breakup with Linda to inadvertently break Trixie’s heart in the process. Their dynamic is not often seen yet always manages to brighten up the show, especially in light of Chloe and Maze’s relationship diminishing this season. Her choice to move out at the end rather than face her feelings is rather abrupt, but there’s more episodes to work through it hopefully.

While the subplots of the hour feel unsatisfying and unfinished, “The Last Heartbreak” does an excellent job with the primary case and cleverly uses it to allow Lucifer some real growth. His final scene with Chloe is one of their best for that reason, even though he’s unaware that Cain sees her as nothing more than a key to getting what he’s always wanted. I have to imagine the devil will have a fit when he finds that out.

Lucifer airs Mondays at 8/7c on FOX.

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