REVIEW: The Walking Dead, S8 Ep12 – The Key

The Walking Dead, S8 Ep12 – The Key

Rick and Negan face off in a non-lethal confrontation this week on The Walking Dead while Maggie, Michonne, and Enid made a deal with a new, seemingly benevolent community. Meanwhile, Dwight and Simon spend some time with one another as the latter conspires to take the top spot among the Saviors.

Admittedly, this was a pretty eventful chapter of the show and the showdown between the two leaders was intense and thrilling. But any excitement or enjoyment we could have felt at watching this duel was dimmed by us knowing how little was at stake. Having followed The Walking Dead for the past few years, we all know that major deaths are always, always saved for the season finale. And with only a few episodes left before this happens, something big’s bound to happen. But for now, we’ll have to wait and see. Rick and Negan are still protected by plot armor.

The Walking Dead, S8 Ep12 – The KeyOne interesting aspect of that fight was seeing Negan actually having some difficulty in facing Rick. He almost had his fingers crushed by a hammer! Rick doesn’t always get the upper hand but for once, he nearly really hurt Negan. As usual, their confrontation got a little chatty and they went over the same, tedious points. One thing that surprised Negan though was the revelation that the scavengers had been slaughtered. He realized in an instant what had happened and clearly has something in mind for Simon. Then, it was great to see him react so passionately when Rick threatened Lucille. And it was awesome to see the bat set on fire!

Dwight continued to be careful around the Saviors, and so far, he’s been skilled enough not to be found out. He spent a lot of time with Simon, who has some plans to usurp Negan. Despite being despicable human being (and this is The Walking Dead so at this point, who isn’t?), Simon can be amusing and less annoying to listen to than Negan. I particularly enjoyed his referring to Dwight’s sorrows as “moving on from certain discomforts.” The man has a flair for euphemism.

The Walking Dead, S8 Ep12 – The KeyA new player is introduced, a leader of a community named Georgie. No doubt the show is laying the foundations for the future beyond the eventual defeat of the Saviors. Maggie and her people will need some way to live sustainably. And the meeting with Georgie was an opportunity for some moral quandaries as Enid proposed that they be killed for their supplies since it seemed so unlikely that a group survived this long with minimal bloodshed. Carl had advocated kindness but look at what that got him. Morality still won the day and Maggie was rewarded with blue prints and schematics for some sort of medieval village. Whatever’s sustainable, I guess. As long as Georgie doesn’t turn out to be another Negan or another cannibal, the group should be fine. Count your blessings on The Walking Dead.

And the episode ended intriguingly with an injured Negan in the hands of Jadis, who seemed to have gotten dressed properly and who is now (thankfully) speaking normally. She has something nasty planned for her revenge and, for once, I can’t wait to see what she does next.