REVIEW: Once Upon a Time, S7 Ep 13 – Knightfall

Once Upon a Time, S7 Ep 13 - Knightfall

Another sea captain from classic literature paid a visit to Once Upon a Time while the focus shifted back to Hook and Alice.

The flashbacks to the Enchanted Forest showed Hook taking care of young Alice and both living relatively happy lives together even while the young girl is trapped in a tower. Hook tries his best to give her glimpses of the outside world but this can never be enough, and she has nightmares of a witch (unbeknownst to her, her own mother) cursing them and sending her father away.

Once Upon a Time, S7 Ep 13 - KnightfallHook decides to be a bit more proactive about freeing his daughter so he tries to strike up a deal with Rumplestiltskin. The wily imp tells him to go in search of (yet another) magical item that will free the trickster from his prison. And so, Hook heads off to the only tavern in the land, catches up with Mr. Smee, and meets Captain Ahab, the latest character from classical literature to join the show.

The item Hook is supposed to acquire looks very suspiciously like the fish hook of Maui from Moana. But with this being the latter half of the last season of Once Upon a Time, it’s unlikely that the showrunners would have had the time or the budget to get the rights to include Moana into the mix. So I guess they had to settle for this strange crossover. The deal doesn’t fall through and Hook has to win a dramatic duel with Ahab, and then returns to his daughter empty-handed.

Alice’s nightmare comes true and Mother Gothel curses them both by poisoning their hearts and cruelly separating father and daughter. She does pretty much the same in Hyperion Heights, as she plays games with Detective Rogers (despite Weaver’s warnings) and probably tries to wake him up by making him interpret a painting of the “calm before the storm.”

Tilly seems to be growing more unstable with Gothel around and she tries to warn the detectives of something dire but she isn’t sure what it is. Through some elaborate plot, she is set up and found holding a bloody scalpel over the dead body of the blind baker. Lucky for her, the two detectives are on her side, but they will need to work quickly to find the witch-killer before anyone else gets hurt.

Once Upon a Time, S7 Ep 13 - KnightfallMeanwhile, we got to see Ivy’s reaction to her mother’s death (something I mentioned that we should have seen last week). The episode definitely laid foundations for Ivy’s eventual redemption. She was genuinely grieving for her mother and almost made the dumb decision of hooking up with Henry. The latter puts her off gently and suggests she reach out to her actual family. This led to a pretty touching moment between Jacinda and Ivy and it looks like a reconciliation is in the works. Ivy later on asks for Henry’s help in finding Anastasia and finishing what her mother started.

Lucy gave her parents whiplash with her sudden insistence that she didn’t want her mom to see Henry anymore. She offers no convincing explanation for interrupting their almost-true-love’s-kiss last week, but she does seek the help of someone who would have a better idea of what to do. Roni reveals herself as Regina and embraces her granddaughter (just as long as Lucy doesn’t call her “grandma”). For a strange reason, there’s no mention of the Regina-Facilier relationship from last week other than Roni coming back from his apartment and being caught by Henry. The pacing and placement of this episode is a bit weird. Anyway, in true Once Upon a Time fashion, a new mission has begun and “Operation Hyacinth” is a go!