REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5E13 – Principia

So first off, I’ll admit: I didn’t remember who Von Strucker’s son was at first. I recognized the actor (Spencer Treat Clark), and I vaguely remembered his character had to do with HYDRA, but that’s all I remembered. So perhaps I would have been grabbed by the story more quickly if I had a better memory. Which is kind of ironic, since it turns out that when Lincoln stimulated Alex’s brain with his electro-powers, it caused Alex to have an enhanced memory. He can recall everything that’s ever happened to him.

This source of intel makes him interesting to General Hale and her plans for world domination or whatever. But I must confess he’s not all that interesting to me, nor is Ruby. Not that their scenes aren’t acted well, because they are, but I’d much rather watch our team interact.

So how long is it going to be before Grumpy Old Man Fitz moves from grudgingly respecting his grandson some of the time, to actually liking him?

Speaking of which, one of the most intriguing subsets of the group to watch this week was definitely the Fitz-Simmons family. I love seeing all the ways Deke is similar to his grandparents. There’s everything from body language to intelligence and problem-solving ability. And as soon as Deke’s mom showed up as a fear apparition, I knew she was going to say something that would lead Deke to figure out the truth. He’s a smart guy. But of course he is, with grandparents like that. Can’t wait to see how those interactions continue to play out as the season unfolds. Also, to no one’s surprise, just-married Fitz and Simmons are incredibly adorable.

Yo-Yo this week was alternately heartbreaking and snarky & sweet. So glad to see her making some progress in her recovery. I hope no more fear apparitions corner her while she’s (comparatively) helpless, and that we continue to get more sweet/funny moments between her and Mack. I just love them so much. Also, you know he’s a great boyfriend when he brings you back robot arms from a floating ship.

And on that note, that was yet another super cool image that SHIELD has brought us: a giant cargo ship floating in midair. I guess gravitonium is the gift that keeps on giving! Especially since it also brought us Coulson telling ‘Mack Hammer,’ “Can’t touch this.” Heeee. That’s the Coulson we know and love: cracking corny jokes even when he’s slowly dying.

Also on that note, has Yo-Yo actually explicitly told anyone yet that saving Coulson’s life will destroy the world, instead of dropping doom-laden hints? I know she wouldn’t want to. But if she doesn’t, then there’s no way May and Daisy (along with the others) won’t keep trying to save him. Who am I kidding? They’re not going to give up on that goal, ever. No matter how many times Coulson himself tells them to.

Those robot things also can’t touch this (‘this’ being Mack).

So, the show keeps moving. I’m definitely still enjoying it, but if the General Hale/Ruby/Alex storyline is drawn out too much longer, I’m afraid it’s really going to start dragging. Also Yo-Yo better get her new arms soon!

What did you think of the episode? Did Ruby and Alex catch your interest, or do they make you wish you could lose your memory? Let us know in the comments.