REVIEW: Lucifer, S3E17 – Let Pinhead Sing!

“Let Pinhead Sing!” opens in the middle of a dance number in which a masked dancer gets blown up a la The Phantom Menace, only for the real target of the attack to come rushing out alive and well. Her name is Axara, and she manages to be one of the most memorable guest stars all season despite appearing in a rather unremarkable episode. The minor subplots are more entertaining than the the main Lucifer-Chloe thread this time around, so let’s check in on them first.

An explosive performance.

Lucifer (Tom Ellis) catches Linda (Rachael Harris) up with his adventures and how he’s taken a step back from his deal with Cain (Tom Welling), but refuses to accept that he made this choice to protect Chloe. Linda relates her own advice to not stoke the flames of contention back to her own problems with Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt), which goes to show that the teacher can sometimes learn from the student. She comes bearing gifts and says no man is worth what they have, but Maze is still not ready to bury the hatchet. Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) then takes a break from regaling Linda with tales of her selflessness and instead decides to prove what a generous person she is by mediating the conflict between the two. The session ends up being just Maze airing grievances and Linda apologizing before finally throwing out some accusations of her own, and unfortunately it ends in another stalemate. But while Charlotte primarily serves as a device for the other two women’s stories in “Let Pinhead Sing!” she is also given the chance to show off her emotionally intelligent side. She has the capacity for goodness and maturity, and by helping others she can help herself.

Back at the precinct, it turns out Cain cannot sing if his life depends on it, which is quite a humorous touch. Ella (Aimee Garcia) brings him a compliment box to cheer him up, because she is an angel. Unfortunately, the only compliment members of the precinct seem to be able to give him is that he has really nice arms. She asks Dan (Kevin Alejandro) to step it up a notch, and butters him up when he reveals himself to be a little wary of the boss. Alejandro has really been leaning into his more comedic role this season, so the story of Dan reaching out to Lieutenant Pierce is a fun one to watch, especially as they trade perspectives on the meaning of life. The awkward fun is then interrupted by Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside), who has his own introspection to do once he learns that Cain’s quest has ceased and yet his own wings have not yet grown back.

When you love someone, but it goes to waste.

As for the case of the week and Lucifer’s lovelorn heart? He once again spends the majority of the case thinking about his own situation and puts all of his energy into making everyone from Ella to a bodyguard named Bob into his new favorite person, as if that will somehow through God off Chloe’s scent. Of course, Chloe understands exactly what he’s doing and is willing to let him continue acting childishly if makes him feel better, but over the course of “Let Pinhead Sing!” it’s clear that his lack of interest in her is starting to weigh her down. Overall, the murder is not compelling enough to offset Lucifer’s regression, but it does provide him with an interesting new connection in Axara. She actually gets him to admit his Chloe issues out loud, and teaches him the important lesson that no one – not even his Almighty Father – should come between him and what he loves. And even if she’s a self-absorbed diva, at least she adds some pep to the episode with a fun rendition of “I Will Survive.” Too bad it comes to a halting stop when her best friend winds up being the killer, leading to a long and drawn-out reveal as well as Lucifer getting stabbed in the name of love.

Chloe taking care of his wound turns into a very sweet moment that feels like progress, but then she turns out to have gotten tickets for herself and Pierce to see Axara perform. This twist comes a little out of left field, considering Cain spent all of “Let Pinhead Sing!” ignoring everyone and wallowing in his immortality. If Lucifer seemed unavailable at the time, why wouldn’t Pierce feel the same? Either way, Lucifer’s heartache at the end doesn’t feel earned. But at least the episode ends with another great song from Skye Townsend’s Axara and Lucifer’s renewed commitment to being honest at therapy.

Lucifer airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

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