‘All For One’ Second Season Trailer is Here!

All For One Season 2

Dorothy Castlemore and her puppy dog eyes are back!

It’s been over a year and then some since the last episode of All For One aired. And given the cliffhanger that occurred, us inseparables needed to know more STAT! One successful Indiegogo campaign later, and we got our season 2! What followed were heaps of cute behind the scenes videos of the cast, and teases galore from the writers/editors. This past Friday we got our first taste of what we can expect from season 2 and I’m just so thankful to have these people back in my life (and I’m late to the show and have only been without it since this past summer!).

In the trailer, Dorothy immediately apologizes for her absence with her Inseparable duties. But as a Mu Sigma Theta sister now, girl’s probably loads busy. She quickly recaps us on the goings-on with herself and her favorite people: Ariana came out as trans, Alex is tutoring Connie and is Treville’s campaign manager, and oh yeah – the infamous Anne Bonacieux is Dorothy’s big sister! Then there’s Connie’s ex, Monty, who from the looks of it will be sticking around for the whole season. Just don’t get in between Dorothy and Connie, please! It also looks the MST presidential campaign will play a big part this season, but I’m curious to know what other story-lines will weave their way in.

Anne Bonacieux = inspiration of 2018!

For those that haven’t seen All For One before, KindaTV explains the series perfectly: “All for One is a modern, badass, gender-swapped, feminist, totally awesome adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ The Three Musketeers.”

Binge-watch the whole first season now! Or watch some of KindaTV’s other amazing web-series to tide you over, which I will also be speaking about at a later date (as soon as I watch more of them. Leave me your favorites below!).

Watch the second season trailer below, and get ready Inseparables!

All For One‘s second season premieres March 21st on KindaTV’s Youtube channel at 11am EST (and every Wednesday after that).