REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5E12 – The Real Deal

The one hundredth episode is here at last! It’s been hyped for weeks now. Did it live up to the hype? You’ll have to answer for yourself, of course – but for me, for the most part it did. Just a few minor complaints (which I’ll get to), which doesn’t mean I didn’t love it.

Don’t give in, Coulson! Don’t follow the light! (Image credit: ABC/Byron Cohen)

First of all: Yo-Yo. So glad she’s alive, and slowly beginning to recover. Of course she’s not surprised she’s alive, since she knows her alternate self already went through this. But her alternate self didn’t have any badass functional prosthetics, which she absolutely needs to have in this version of the present. No question. And I know you’re hurting, too, Mack, but you absolutely must stay by her side. Not that I’m really worried about that.

And then Coulson. Oh, Coulson. You’re breaking my heart – and everyone in your SHIELD family’s hearts, too. I mean, yeah, it’s all because stupid freaking Loki stabbed your heart first, but still! Daisy’s grief just about broke me. She loves him so much. “I believe in you!” “There’s no SHIELD without you!” Sniffle. Also by the way, Daisy, I happen to agree wholeheartedly. Please, please, please do not kill off Coulson again! I’m going to keep making that plea until I see him all not dying (and not causing the end of the world). I was actually kind of thinking they would have him really sacrifice himself by sending him to the hell dimension fear dimension in this ep. The ep as a whole felt very Whedony, so I just figured that’s where they were going. But I guess not.

However, Coulson’s confrontation with his greatest fear was very believable and true to his character. Poor guy. I don’t know how anyone could ever really, completely get over the trauma of dying and being brought back to life the way he was, so of course he’d be afraid this was all an emergency-room dream. And of course the writers would sneak in at least one more “coincidence” to make us wonder – what if it really is?? (My answer to that is: while that would be a terrible writing decision, Coulson sure has an awesome imagination so I wouldn’t complain as much as I might otherwise!).

The return of Mike Peterson/Deathlok was very welcome – the real one, that is. So glad that Daisy was wrong there: there are still other remnants of SHIELD out there, and they will answer the call when they’re needed.

That brings me to the other reason why those other SHIELD folk needed to be there: the Fitzsimmons wedding!! Yay, it finally happened! Really, the only sad thing about that tremendously joyful, hopeful, heartstring-tugging scene was that our team didn’t figure out a way for Yo-Yo to attend. Heck, I would’ve taken a brief shot of her in her hospital bed, watching via a live feed of some kind. She needs all the happiness she can get, guys! But other than that: perfection. And whatever happens with Coulson from now on, at least he was there to marry those two beautiful people. And so was their grandson (!!) Deke. Congrats to all who called that little plot point in advance!

I bet that wasn’t really acting on Clark Gregg’s part. <3

So that brings me to my other minor — I’m not sure “disappointment” is the right word. It just seemed to me that in a big episode like the one hundredth, Coulson’s confrontation with the rift was a little anticlimactic. He wasn’t sucked into an alternate dimension, or even hugely threatened. But I didn’t hate it. I also trust that the writers are only putting off the coming climax of his storyline… and as long as it doesn’t end with him dying (#CoulsonLives!!!!!!1111), I’m sure I’ll think it’s very fitting. Also I don’t want to forget to mention how much I continue to appreciate this show’s continuity.

What did you think of the episode? Did it make you cry or leave you cold? Let us know in the comments!