REVIEW: iZombie – 4.02: “Blue Bloody”


I wonder if Moira Rose would sport this hair.

If the season premiere was all about introducing us to the “new Seattle,” this week’s episode is all about reminding us of the old iZombie elements we know and love.

For me, this episode worked a lot better in my opinion. It helped that the brain Liv was on was hilarious and that they eased into adding new plot points of how the new Seattle works. Maybe also the fact that Ravi’s “brain of the month” didn’t occur, too, helped ease my, well, brain on all the changes.

Clive: *silently judges Liv*

The brain/murder of the week belongs to Mrs. Brink, a dowager who thinks she’s entirely titled to say whatever’s on her mind to whomever she wants. She’s definitely the kind of person that will say some ghastly remark but have it hidden in a sugary sweet tone. Maybe that’s why she ends up getting murdered. Cause of death? Golf ball to the eye, thanks to a golf ball gun. Ew.

But while she maybe awful, it makes for hilarious scenes when Liv takes on her persona. So much in fact, that Rose McIver has a senior strut. Everything she said had me cracking up! Of course the murder of Mrs. Brink wasn’t too hard to solve. With her sour attitude and many employees in her mansion, we knew it had to be one of them. It was revealed that the chef killed her in order to receive $1 million from Mrs. Brink’s will. That money would go towards a much needed heart surgery (in LA!) for her son.

Brain-tinis for the win!

Because the young son has to travel outside of Seattle’s walls (something that I thought was deemed impossible!), we’re introduced to humans that help move people to and from Seattle secretly. These are good people doing (as far as we know) good things. A woman named Renegade is the mastermind behind this secret operation and I’m so interested to see where this storyline is headed! I also forgot to mention that where Renegade resides is a part of Seattle where zombies are warned not to venture – especially non-dyed ones like Liv. Give more info on this please!

Major was not exactly thrilled that Liv and Ravi helped break the law, especially since he helped do it! Liv is all too willing to point out that before all of this, he would gladly do anything to help a sick kid. In a way, that’s how he found out about zombies in the first place. While I’ve been a fairly big Liv/Major fan throughout the whole series, I’m not too keen on them now, given how much Major’s changed. I’m sure I’ll write up a piece about iZombie “ships” at some point and go into this deeper. So far, Clive and Dallas are the only pair that have my undivided attention.

What did you think about 4.02: “Blue Bloody”? Leave your thoughts below.

The next episode of iZombie, 4.03: “Brainless in Seattle – Part 1” airs next Monday at 9/8c on the CW. The trailer can be viewed below.

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