REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5E11 – All the Comforts of Home

So that was just a bit intense.

Also, Deke saying, “Oh, boy” immediately after he arrived has to be a Quantum Leap reference, right?

First off: Deke. Ohhh, man am I glad he made the trip back to the present – not only because he’s a great, compelling character, but also because it’s always hysterical to see folks from out of time react to our world. Tree hugging? Hilarious. Nearly eating ice cream out of the garbage? Ha! Then of course, going on a giant Zima bender in a bar while eating allll the delicious, unhealthy food. I love Deke. I love Deke with Daisy the “social worker,” too. Heeeee. Their interactions at the police station were delightful.

Sadly, those were basically the only funny moments of the episode. (All right, yes, there was also that amazing scene in the VW bus where the team listed off their worst scenarios from previous episodes, and May’s was “dancing.” That was pretty great). Everything else was a whole lot darker. From Piper’s betrayal of the team, to General Hale locking her daughter in a cage, to of course Ruby’s horrific attack on Yo-Yo. I mean, I knew Yo-Yo lost her arms in the comics, and obviously we saw Future!Elena already, but I was still not prepared for this. Gah. I guess she and Coulson have even more in common now. Maybe her new arms will be like his. That is, the new arms she’ll definitely be getting, because she’s totally not going to just die, because NO. (And neither is Coulson, BTW. Because he just isn’t going to).

Other things: I loved that nice little shoutout to the fans, with May telling Noah, “We have a small but active fanbase.” You sure do, guys. We’ll be around for as long as you’re around, and even beyond. Also Noah was enjoyable and Enoch-ish. Too bad it looks like Joel David Moore’s character won’t have made it past this episode – and I note that he did decide to intervene to save Daisy and Fitz (hopefully). I don’t like to think what the exploding Kree beacon could have done to the rest of the dangerous objects around it, though.

I was faintly surprised – but only faintly – that Daisy forgave Coulson so quickly for icing her and bringing her back with them. Then again, they’ve always respected and cared for each other, so it wasn’t like that scene didn’t ring true for both characters.

Lastly, what is up exactly with Ruby and her mother? Obviously Ruby is a psycho and a trained killer. Obviously General Hale is kind of scared of her. (Read Dove Cameron’s thoughts on her character in this Entertainment Weekly interview here). And obviously her obsession with Daisy is unhealthy, if she thinks it’s worth it to get to her by hurting her friends. Whenever Daisy finds out who did this to Elena, there will be a reckoning. From Mack, too. I wonder if Ruby has quite considered those implications – or if she’s too unstable for that to occur to her.

Just in case you weren’t mentally scarred enough by that scene. (Photo credit: Natalia Cordova-Buckley’s Twitter.)

So next week is that one hundredth episode we’ve all been waiting for. It won’t be long now before we find out just how it surpasses expectations!