Shadowhunters’ Season 3 Poster Has Been Unveiled!


Credit: Freeform

Earlier in the week, Shadowhunterssocial media accounts teased that we would be getting to see what the third season poster looked like by the end of the week. And they did not disappoint!

Thursday March 1st at 12pm PST/3pm EST the poster was released and it’s a sight to see.

Placed against a New York City backdrop, each main cast member is represented in some way in the image:

Alec and Magnus are featured together to the left (as they should). New series regular Alisha Wainwright’s Maia is shining brighter than the full moon and being her bad-ass self. Simon is workin’ it on those steps; I can’t help but notice that he’s placed in between Emeraude Toubia’s Izzy and Maia. Could we be seeing more Simon/Isabelle this season alongside the already established Simon/Maia? Just, no love triangles, okay Freeform? Then we have Clary freakin’ Fray standing front and center, with father figure Luke behind her, and Jace – who still doesn’t want to look at the camera.

I know there’s been some backlash over the poster, but this writer thinks it sets a nice example of what we can expect for the episodes ahead, and of the relationships for that matter.

What do you think of the poster? Leave your thoughts below!

If you really love it and want to spread your love and support for your fave supernatural show, use this as your cover photo (which the show has graciously provided for us).

Shadowhunters‘ third season premieres March 20th at 8/7c on Freeform.