REVIEW: The X-Files Season 11 Ep7 – Rm9sbG93ZXJz

I must start off by thanking the writers for such a completely unpronounceable, un-memorizable title. I know it ties into the theme of the episode, but we reviewers/recappers don’t much appreciate it! Heh.

Also, welcome back, shorter Scully haircut! We missed you. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Shane Harvey/FOX

Anyway, this was certainly unlike any X-Files episode ever before. I wouldn’t want the show to suddenly do this all the time, but it was an interesting deviation. Thematically, of course, it was similar to season one’s “Ghost in the Machine,” but thankfully and not surprisingly it was a lot less cheesy. (Seriously, if you haven’t watched that one recently and you want a laugh, check it out). And like that episode, it toed the line between a thought-provoking, cautionary tale and beating you over the head with the lesson.

Most of the reason I’d say it didn’t cross that line, overall, was the humor. It was ridiculous, a little over-the-top – and also relateable and sweet. Plus, having most of the episode be dialogue-free really allowed Anderson and Duchovny to shine as actors. Their facial expressions and gestures were all that was necessary, and of course the chemistry between Scully and Mulder continues to be amazing. Kudos to the writers for going that route. (It reminded me a little of the classic Buffy episode “Hush” in that way).

A few minor quibbles: I don’t think Scully would even be able to afford living in such a palatial apartment/house, much less that she would choose to have that smart house system. I know she’s less paranoid than Mulder, but I can’t imagine she’d want to hand over quite that much control to a faceless AI. Alexa, maybe, I could see. Maybe. (Although at least her alarm system password was “queequeg”! Amazing). Also, where were their weapons? I’m pretty sure by the time they were being obviously chased by drones and robots, one or both of them would have been shooting the crap out of them, off the clock or not.

I was both amused and creeped out by the mini drone army. Which I’m sure was the intended effect.

Once I realized that the episode was going that route, though – and despite the fact that I guessed what would the climax would be pretty early on – I just sat back and enjoyed the ride. The X-Files thrives on experimentation, especially after all these years. And as I said, it was a terrific showcase for the two leads.

Plus, that final scene! There was some heart-eyes and squeeing going on here, let me tell you. I just love these characters so much. Ultimately, I would watch them sit next to each other at restaurants looking at their phones, and then holding hands, for as long as that’s an option.