REVIEW: The Flash, S4 Ep14 – Subject 9

After a brief 2-week break, The Flash returns with an all-new episode entitled “Subject 9,” referring to DeVoe’s ninth meta-human creation. This latest meta-human discovery is in the form of Izzy Bowin (Miranda MacDougall), an independent country musician who has the ability to emanate immense sound waves from herself in order to take down threats. As Team Flash discover this ninth meta, they immediately plan to save her before Devoe is able to transfer his consciousness into her mind as he did with the other metas before her. In addition to Team Flash attempting to help Izzy, “Subject 9” also focuses a bit on Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) and her continuing mind reading dilemma, which leads to Wells (Tom Cavanagh) coming up with a certain device teased by Savitar last season.

Miranda MacDougall as Izzy Bowin

While Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) has been successfully cleared of all charges and has been freed from Iron Heights, there are still many in Central City who aren’t completely buying the idea that Clifford DeVoe (Neil Sandilands) is still alive. In a city filled with meta-humans, someone successfully posing as someone else isn’t the hardest idea to swallow, especially since that is exactly what is happening. Because of this, Barry has been suspended from the CCPD indefinitely.

This is an unfortunate development for Barry as a character. While his forensics techniques aren’t highlighted as often as they should, when we do see how skilled he is in this field it makes for some entertaining scenes. Fortunately, “Subject 9” does conclude with Barry at least joining Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) as a fellow private investigator. While it’s a nice sentiment of Ralph to ask Barry to join him as his partner, the move probably won’t make much of a difference story-wise, but it does reinforce Ralph’s position on the show and on Team Flash.

The choice to have Barry become a fellow P.I. is prompted by a pretty tragic event involving newcomer Izzy. Once again, Team Flash loses another battle against DeVoe. Izzy, who Ralph becomes quickly enamored with, is eventually taken over by DeVoe, becoming DeVoe’s latest host. Before this event, Izzy, or The Fiddler as DeVoe called her, seemed to be a pretty fun, new addition to the crew. Speaking in a southern accent, singing country, and playing a fiddle, while also having a very Black Canary-esq meta-human ability, could have made her a somewhat unique addition to the crew. While her end didn’t come as much of a shock, it would have been nice to get to know her a bit more before it happened. She really was only in this episode to give DeVoe an additional ability to harness, but to also give Ralph something to cry about. So, yes, she was fridged pretty quickly.

The subplot involving Cecile and Wells did lead to some fun interactions between the two, but this whole Cecile-reading-minds thing is still coming off as just weird and sometimes a little too convenient for the team. This time, in attempt to block Cecile from constantly hearing Joe’s (Jesse L. Martin) dreams at night, Wells eventually creates what he calls a cerebral inhibitor. As soon as this is mentioned we are given a quick flashback to last season when Savitar, or evil Barry, mentioned it, because there’s no way we would have been able to remember that. While the cerebral inhibitor did fail in the episode’s final battle, leading to Izzy meeting her tragic end, there’s always room for improvement. DeVoe isn’t close to completing whatever he has planned and there are still a few metas left to be revealed.

Izzy meets The Elongated Man and Flash

“Subject 9” was a fine return for the series after its brief break. It’s still unfortunate that we got to see so little of Izzy before her life was tragically cut short, and that she was only really there to further the development of Ralph. Her appearance led to some development for Barry as well, as it was him pushing her so hard to master her ability that drew her away from Team Flash in the first place.

While the episode had its fair share of tragedy, there was still a bit of humor to be seen throughout. Two moments that come to mind are when Ralph, almost breaking the fourth wall, insists that he give Izzy an inspirational speech to convince her to get on their side, and another moment where Team Flash realize they missed an obvious step in finding Izzy’s next whereabouts by not immediately checking her touring info on her website.

The biggest revelation Team Flash makes is theorizing that DeVoe may be hiding out in what Cisco refers to as a “pocket dimension”; a hidden dimension from which DeVoe can hop back and forth. While Cisco is only theorizing this, it’s good to see that this week’s adventure wasn’t a complete loss for the team, as they at least may have an idea of where to go from here. With Team Flash slowly figuring it all out, it’s also possible that Marlize DeVoe (Kim Engelbrecht) may eventually go against her husband, as it seems she is beginning to grow tired and upset with who he is becoming.