The First Sneak Peek of ‘Shadowhunters’ is Here!


“She’s beauty, she’s grace…”

March is just a day away, and you know what that means: the month of the Shadowhunters season 3 premiere!

In anticipation of the new season, Freeform released the first official sneak peek of the year.

Featured in the sneak peek is Clary’s (long overdue) rune ceremony! But can we also take note of that beautiful shot of Idris? I don’t care if it’s most likely CGI, it’s stunning! In the blink of an eye, we see Clary go from being a shadowhunter-in-training, to a full-fledged shadowhunter! She did kill Valentine after all, so she’s earned this. However, what Inquisitor Imogen Herondale also mentions is Clary stopping Valentine from making a wish from Lake Lyn/Raziel. Because Clary totally didn’t use the wish to resurrect Jace or anything. Both Jace and Clary avoid eye contact with Imogen upon hearing this. But the wish was cast, Jace is alive and well, and all is okay in the world, right? Well, let’s just hope Clace can keep their secret from everyone.

Shadowhunters‘ third season premieres March 20th at 8/7c on Freeform.