REVIEW: iZombie – 4.01 “Are You Ready For Some Zombies?”


Little fact about me: I don’t like really change. I love my daily routines and familiar way to approach things. Whenever something in my life changes, it definitely takes some getting used to for me. But at the end of the day, I know we need change in order to grow and develop further. iZombie‘s season 4 premiere, 4.01: “Are You Ready For Some Zombies?” is filled to the max with changes, and to be honest, I don’t know how I feel about them.


My reactions to this episode in a nutshell.

It’s now been three months since the majority of Seattle became zombies. There’s a wall around the city to quarantine it, a curfew now in place (no one out after midnight) and honestly, quite a bit of awkwardness or worse…hatred between humans and zombies.

While watching the episode, I had to take a step back to process everything. You could say my brain was turned into mush even. Speaking of, humans now work at a factory harvesting said brain mash. This is where we meet our first victim/brain of the week: Clint Hicks, obsessive Seattle Seahawks fan, and zombie-hating human. Cause of death: ground up in a brain grinder. Ew, the image.

One thing that doesn’t change about the show are the police cases/brains of the week. I knew that was the same going in, but while watching that was a huge comfort of familiarity. We briefly also see a scene of Clive’s coworkers partaking in a meeting to discuss how their cases are going with their partner zombies. They have mountains of cases to solve before they’re anywhere near Liv/Clive status, in my opinion.


Season 4: the season for Peyton Charles (*prays*)

Because of the slight time jump and major zombie knowledge changes, this season premiere also kinda serves as a, “where are they now?” for our characters. Liv and Clive are obviously still solving cases. Major is still with Fillmore Graves, but he’s now taken on youth zombie counseling (aka for Chase: find more zombie soldiers), which was heartwarming to see him get back to what he started doing on the show. Blaine not only has the Scratching Post, which is even more of a zombie hot spot now, but also a “cemetery to table” restaurant. It’s there he runs into Peyton at a work dinner (with new clueless beau Derek that I’m already not fond of).

It’s kinda clear the writers don’t really know what to do with Peyton. She’s only in a couple scenes and serves more as the supportive best friend to Liv and ex to Blaine and Ravi than anything else. I hope there’s a storyline with her career. Just please give her something!

Oh, and that scratch Liv gave Ravi in the season 3 finale? Yeah, he now basically has a zombie period. Every few days he turns into a zombie, so he has to eat a brain. Clive and Peyton, you’re officially the only humans on this show. Stay that way please. Ravi eats the brain of a nudist (sorry, naturalist), so that leaves him naked for most of the episode.


“To brain or not to brain? That is the question.”

I don’t know why, but I was bummed to see Ravi a zombie. “Not you too?!” But what can I expect when he got scratched by Liv? That he was going to be immune because he’s British or something? Yeah, that’s not how this show works.

While I may have been hesitant on how the “new Seattle” was operating, I did appreciate the real world undertones. Our victim Clint Hicks for instance? Turns out his wife killed him because he wanted her to chose between him or their newly turned zombie son.

The humans say things like, “the Fillmore Graves aren’t the warmest of folks” and instantly regret it because they didn’t mean it “that way.” The youth zombies Major counsels (who were kicked out of their homes for being zombies, by the way) even swap coming out as zombie stories. Maybe they’ll even focus on Clive and Dale’s relationship and how love is love whether it’s between zombies or humans?

So, all in all, was I ready for zombies? Absolutely. Was I ready for this many zombies and new laws? Not really. But I know these changes are good for the show and I’ll try to adapt with the changes accordingly.

iZombie‘s next new episode, 4.02: “Blue Bloody,” airs next Monday at 9/8c on the CW!

The trailer can be viewed below.

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