Four Things My Brain Wants For iZombie’s Season 4


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Our wait for iZombie to be back in our life with a brand new season is nearly over! Because of the new episodes that will be upon us tonight, I thought it fitting to create a short list of story-lines, character development, theories, etc. my brain wants in the new season. After all, this season is bound to be heaps different than ones prior.

4. Liv Moore, O.G. Zombie: With the majority of Seattle’s population now turned into zombies, Liv isn’t only one of few. Which means there will be heaps of zombies having visions, adopting their brain’s characteristics, etc. I just really hope the show sticks to what it originally started with. Liv was the first zombie we were introduced to; we went along with her on her zombie journey in a way. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I liked the murder/brain of the week. It provided comedic moments while allowing several storylines to flow within. I just really don’t want there to be a “new Liv” or anything. Given the different brains we’ve been teased for this season (rom-com brain, dowager brain, etc.), I don’t think I have anything to worry about. However, I am really keen to see how the police officers work with their newly assigned zombies. Will Liv act as sort of a mentor to the zombies at the station? Heck, the city even? Now I really want to see her start a YouTube channel explaining how to be a zombie or something. I’m sure Johnny Frost would love to co-host.

3) iZombie + Love Triangles = No: When it comes to relationships shown in TV shows, love triangles are a thing of the past – at least in my eyes. All they do is pit people against each other and cause your favorite character to potentially make terrible decisions. I’m also personally sick of the “bad boy” character in the triangle being romanticized and forgiven for their actions. Last season, iZombie had a not so great storyline between Ravi/Peyton/Blaine and I really hope that doesn’t get revisited. I’m all for romance and relationships on the show, I just want for them to happen smoothly and without changing the characters we love. Seeing how the city is now overflowing with zombies, I don’t think we’ll be seeing many relationships this season. Except for Clive and Dale; I’m so curious how they are doing with Dale now a zombie! I wonder what similarities and differences they have compared to how Liv and Major were portrayed.

2) Moore Family, Olly Olly Oxen Free! We haven’t seen Liv’s family since early season 2! Given the new state of Seattle, surely the Moores know about zombies now. What’s their reaction to Liv being a zombie? Major, too, even! Didn’t we last leave Evan with scratches from his accident? What if he’s been a zombie this whole time? I know that’s very unlikely, but still! Who else wants a Moore family reunion? In our interviews with the cast and producers at last year’s Comic Con, Diane Ruggiero confirmed that we’d be seeing Eva and Evan return – so it’s basically a done deal.

1) Peyton Charles Deserves Everything: I will admit, I’m a bit partial when it comes to Aly Michalka’s character, Peyton Charles. But Michalka has officially been a series regular since end of season 2-season 3. The only significant story-line she’s been involved in has been the unnecessary love triangle between herself, Blaine, and Ravi. I’m praying that she’s given a new plot in this upcoming season that allows her to stand out as an individual and not just as Liv’s best friend or Ravi/Blaine’s significant other. Based on the glimpse of what we see of her in the trailers for this season, I think her career is going to be her main focus this time around, thank god! She’s also one of the few human characters on the show; how will her stance on zombies compare to the rest of the human population of Seattle? Again, as long as it isn’t about her love life, I’m be thrilled with whatever the writers have in store for her.

What are some of your theories for this season or things you’d love to see happen?

iZombie‘s season 4 premieres tonight at 9/8c on the CW

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