Shadowhunters’ New Teaser Introduces the Mother of all Demons


Anna Hopkins as Lilith

Last week, Shadowhunters released two stunningly romantic teasers for the Clace and Malec ships on Valentine’s Day. As the premiere date for Season 3 looms closer, so does the presence of Lilith in the new teaser that recently released.

In the teaser, we see just how far Lilith will go to bring back her “son” Sebastian – not to mention how much damage she’ll cause! Magnus describes her as the “Mother of all Demons,” and there’s a reason for that. Besides calling Sebastian her son, based on this 30 second teaser alone, it’s evident that she’s going to cause some serious trouble for our Shadowhunters gang.

Leave your thoughts and opinions of Lilith in the comments below!

Also, book fans: what do you think of Anna Hopkins’ portrayal of her? This writer personally gets Maleficent vibes from her and I know I’m just going to love to hate her (or straight up just love her?)

Shadowhunters‘ third season airs March 20th at 8/7c on Freeform.