REVIEW: Lucifer, S3E14 – My Brother’s Keeper

Lucifer picks the Cain (Tom Welling) storyline right back up in “My Brother’s Keeper,” finally working in the show’s best biblical reference yet. But a large chunk of time is also devoted to the story of Ella (Aimee Garcia) and her brother, and the two stories dovetail quite nicely on a thematic level.

Banding together to help Ella.

Ella’s brother Jay is missing, which kicks off the case of the week and provides a great opportunity to explore the dynamic between her and Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt). Employing a bounty hunter to locate your brother who hasn’t called you back in a day is certainly thinking outside the box, but it winds up saving both Lopez siblings’ lives by the end of the episode. And while Ella often has to cajole Maze into helping her with money and puppy eyes alike, the demon’s inner humanity comes out more and more with every subsequent interaction.

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis) issues with his own brother bleed into his thoughts on Jay’s situation, so he immediately blames Jay for the murder of a crooked diamond broker because are all duplicitous. Chloe (Lauren German) trusts Ella’s instincts, though, and together she and Dan (Kevin Alejandro) must pursue the actual leads despite Lucifer’s derailments. And, perhaps for the first time in the show’s history, despite Ella‘s. As uncharacteristic as it may be to see her hindering a police investigation – though of course she’s still helping by trying to prove her brother innocent – it speaks to her deep sense of loyalty and thus opens up a new side of her character.

She’s not the only one whose loyalty emerges during the case, as Chloe winds up protecting both Maze and Ella’s brother from legal repercussions when all is said and done. Killing suspects with throwing knives should result in some kind of charges despite a self-defense claim, and pulling a gun on cops while saying you’re not a murderer probably would as well. Lucifer takes note of her display of solidarity and follows suit in his own way, scaring Jay into straightening out his act while promising not to disappoint Ella with the news that her older brother is little better than a jewel thief. It’s nice to see how protective he’s become of Ella, and that he manages to have her best interests at heart without making a bigger mess of things. It’s the most satisfying kind of progress that a mostly procedural show can offer, and “My Brother’s Keeper” does it beautifully.

And while it’s not a huge plot point, Deckerstar shippers got a nice juicy bone when it was Chloe and Lucifer’s turn to play undercover couple. Chloe once more proves how easily she slips into roles – this time with the help of Real Housewives, and boy was the referential humor off the charts this episode. Da Vinci Code and Knight Rider were also name-dropped in rather enjoyable bits during the night.

Facing her demons to help Charlotte. An angel!

The other major story in “My Brother’s Keeper” ties back to why Lucifer has been so down on brothers, because he asked Amenadiel (DB Woodside) for help figuring out Cain’s mark and was summarily rejected. When he complains to Cain about Amenadiel being God’s favorite, the immortal cleverly realizes that’s who marked him and decides to pay a visit to the favored brother himself. Their meeting is charged, leading to a fun and inventive fight scene with a great soundtrack backing it. Perhaps the best moment, though, was Cain pointing out that the difference between them is that Amenadiel failed to kill his brother. It doesn’t change the angel’s mind about Cain deserving his punishment, but it does provide some food for thought.

Finally, in a small but sweet subplot, Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) goes to see Linda (Rachael Harris) about her trauma and lost memories. It seems like a great idea, given that Charlotte needs help and it’s been a while since Linda was used in the capacity of psychologist, but unfortunately Linda is too caught up in her trauma to offer treatment. Thanks to an gentle push from Lucifer there he goes growing and maturing again! – Linda apologizes to Charlotte and offers to her help after all. While we didn’t get much time with them in “My Brother’s Keeper,” their budding relationship promises to pay dividends in the future.

“My Brother’s Keeper” is all about taking responsibility and mending fences, and provides a few subtle yet powerful display of spiritual sisterhood as well. Yet one set of siblings wind up further apart than ever: Lucifer is determined to wake God’s wrath by killing Cain, while Amenadial is just as determined to prevent him out of a sense of brotherly duty. But the fact is, neither brother knows how to remove Cain’s mark – whether they want to or not – so they’re in the same boat despite being on opposite sides.

Lucifer airs Mondays at 9/8c on Fox.

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