WATCH: New Trailer Released for ‘Stargate: Origins’

Beginning February 15, Stargate: Origins, the first new Stargate series since the cancellation of Stargate: Universe in 2011, will begin streaming on Stargate Command. Stargate Command is a new digital platform which launched late last year, fully dedicated to streaming everything Stargate related from 17 seasons worth of episodes from three separate series as well as all three Stargate films.

Stargate: Origins takes place in the 1940s before the events of the original 1994 film, and focuses on a young Catherine Langford (Ellie Gall), a recurring character in the series, as she seemingly works to keep the mysterious Stargate out of Nazi hands. These events were actually mentioned and teased in 2008’s Stargate: Continuum, the film which concluded the series Stargate: SG-1, though it’s doubtful that there were actually plans to do a prequel series back then.

Created by Mark Ilvedson and Justin Michael Terry, under MGM Television, Stargate: Origins will hopefully scratch that itch Stargate fans have been feeling since the other series concluded. Check out the full trailer below and if you’re interested you must pay a one time fee of $20 in order to access Stargate Command and stream the series as well as other related content.