PODCAST: Pop A La Carte #26 – Journey to the Center of the MCU

Valerie, Tatiana and our silent podcaster Matt gathered together to begin our journey to the center of the MCU. In this episode, we focus on the birth of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a rewatch of Iron Man (0:51) and The Incredible Hulk (21:45). After singing Robert Downey Jr.’s praises and mourning what could have been with Betty Ross, we move on to discussing the latest Captain Marvel (40:25) set pictures as well as our theories for the next films in general.

What are your favorite MCU movies and how would you rank them? Which MCU film are you most excited for in the next two years (don’t lie, we know it’s Black Panther)? Let us know in the comments below, or else on our Podomatic page here. Check us out, and remember that you can find us on iTunes or in the Google Play Store under Podcasts. You can also follow us on @popalacartepod on Twitter!