REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5E9 – Best Laid Plans

So when I saw this episode title, I assumed it meant that our team’s plans would go awry. As it turns out, however, it’s mostly Kasius’s that fail in this ep. And I’m really okay with that.

First of all, I loved the twist of Tess coming back to life, like Coulson did so many seasons ago. Okay, “loved” isn’t the right word since it’s a result of so much torture, but the continuity on this show is SO good. Poor Tess. I was honestly not expecting to see her again. I wonder how many others Kasius and his scientists have brought back like that. I have a feeling we’ll discover at least one more by next episode.

This scene was sweet. Also Daisy’s description of how May would be as a mom was hilariously spot-on.

Second, I’m glad Sinara went out like she did. By that I mean it was time for her to go, but she ended like the badass she was. Daisy did as well as she could have been expected in their second face-off. And while I’m still not one hundred percent sure Deke isn’t playing another long game in which he’s going to try to either sell Daisy to Kasius or kill her, I think it’s clear he respects and likes her a lot. Jumping into the fight like he did was certainly a dumb, not self-preserving move. (Also, what is it with Whedons and impaling people with spears/poles?). It’ll be interesting to see how Kasius reacts when he finds out his dear Sinara is dead – by the Destroyer’s hand, no less.

And speaking of Kasius, using his propensity for long, grand-sounding speeches against him was a brilliant move on the part of the Resistance. It certainly seems like his plans for destroying humanity and escaping with Daisy are in tatters. Still, his dramatic screaming of “Nooo!” not withstanding, he didn’t seem all that shaken at the very end of the ep. I’m betting it’s Virgil who’s his seer – although that only works if Kree blood and tech can revive someone who’s had all their blood sucked out, I guess. But Virgil would know most of what Robin knew. Whoever it is, this seer obviously didn’t warn Kasius about Mack and Yo-Yo working with Flint, Tess, and the rest to ruin things for him.

It was almost like old times, seeing May, Coulson, Fitzsimmons, and Daisy working together to get the Zephyr off the ground. Enoch’s constant comments on the improbability of their plan succeeding were delightfully C-3POish (but much less annoying, except perhaps to May). And Deke added his own flavor to the mix. I’m still wondering what he’ll do, in the end. And Enoch, too, for that matter. May continues to be the awesomest, though.

So, Fitz thinks there’s no way of escaping the time loop they’re in now. He thinks the destruction of Earth is inevitable. Judging by the promo for next week’s ep, several of our SHIELD agents are in extreme danger, too. But I’m just guessing they’ll find a way to break the loop and save everyone… or at least they better.

These folks are a force to be reckoned with.

Lastly, I was glad there was an in-show explanation for how the remains of Earth could still exist in the shape they’re in, since normally gravity would not work like that. But gravitonium throws all that boring ‘normal’ stuff out the window. Thanks, Fitz and Simmons. This science geek appreciated the explanation, offhand though it was.