REVIEW: Lucifer, S3E12 – All About Her

After the shocking reveal that Lieutenant Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) is actually Cain, Lucifer is ready to dive back into its mythology in ‘All About Her.’ The episode picks up right where ‘The Sin Bin‘ left off, with Lucifer (Tom Ellis) interrogating Cain about his motivations and the latter admitting quite readily that he was the one who left the Devil in the desert. He denies working with God, to give Lucifer back his angel wings and steal his Devil face, however, which puts the larger mystery back at square one.

It ain’t easy loving the devil.

Not certain he can trust Cain, Lucifer seeks Chloe’s (Lauren German) help in conducting an investigation. Except she’s still furious at him for betraying her trust, so she’s not even inviting him to her investigations – let alone helping with his. This standoff leads to the foolproof plan to make everything ‘All About Her’ until Chloe agrees to restore the status quo and go back to being all about Lucifer instead. It’s a tongue-in-cheek way for the show to acknowledge just how rarely anyone else gets their time in the sun, but the case of the week does in fact allow Chloe moments to shine.

And she’s not the only one. While Detective Decker puts her undercover expertise to the test, Dan (Kevin Alejandro) also steps up with the help of his surfer skills. The two of them manage to crack the case with only minor interference from immortal beings, and while the murder and motive were not particularly compelling, the humorous and creative police procedural scenes were. More importantly, Lucifer goes from only helping in the hopes of getting something back to organizing Chloe’s files – with labels for sexy victims and boring crimes, of course – out of the goodness of his heart and inadvertently helping catch the killer.

The crime-solving shenanigans take place amidst Pierce’s plans to transfer out of the precinct and seek greener pastures, something which shakes up every character to varying degrees. While Chloe’s desperation to keep him around results from somewhat ambiguous motives, Lucifer’s is much clearer: he must understand the connection between Cain and his angel wings. Once again, the idea that it’s ‘All About Her’ is teased when Cain admits that he longs for death and was hoping Chloe could make him mortal the way she made Lucifer bleed. But it is a red herring, of course, and instead Lucifer comes to learn that even he was a pawn in God’s plan for Cain. And what’s a good plan if you can’t foil it? Thus ‘All About Her’ ends with no sign of Chloe, but a instead with a deal being brokered between the two immortals. But at least that means Tom Welling will stick around a while longer.

Should I stay or should I go?

Though the main story of the night was cut-and-dry, there were several subplots spiced up the episode. Chief among them was Amenadial’s (D.B. Woodside) brush with chlamydia – a twist straight out of Lovesick – that caused an explosion between himself, Linda (Rachael Harris) and Maze (Lesley-Ann Brant). The two lovers have been keeping their relationship a secret from one scary mutual friend, but unfortunately they are discovered just as Linda was trying to do the right thing and break it off. Will Maze turn the knife she gifted Linda into a weapon now that she knows, or will the demoness practice a little forgiveness? Either way, it’ll be fun to watch.

Another surprisingly wonderful series of moments arose from Pierce blowing up at Ella (Aimee Garcia) in the midseason finale. When Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) sees Ella’s confidence shaken, she boldly confronts Pierce about his behavior in a power move that cements her as one of Lucifer‘s best characters. But she’s not alone, because Ella is afforded the chance to stand up for herself as well. It’s clear Pierce (or should we call him Cain?) is impressed by both women, and the minor plot does a lot to strengthen their bond in a short amount of time.

Though ‘All About Her’ winds up not being much about Chloe at all, it still incorporates some great displays of her talents and once again emphasizes that Lucifer is willing to change his ways to help her out every once in awhile. Even better, the episode started answering the questions that have been plaguing viewers since the premiere, ushering in an exciting new arc in the aftermath of the Sinnerman’s death.

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