REVIEW: Supergirl, S3E11 – Fort Rozz

Supergirl packed a whole lot of girl power into one hour with ‘Fort Rozz,’ in which Kara (Melissa Benoist) has to travel to the aforementioned prison to track down information on Reign (Odette Annable). She had previously flung the Fort into space, which means it is now located by a blue star that negates Supergirl’s strength and makes the area uninhabitable by men. So of course, this calls for an all-girl squad filled with criminals and ex-boyfriend’s current wives.

Dear Leslie, you will be missed.

‘Fort Rozz’ reintroduces the villains Livewire (played with impeccable snark by Brit Morgan) and Psi (Jane The Virgin‘s delightful Yael Grobglas) and with only an hour to make them rootworthy. This is rather an easy feat with Leslie, who has had a few episodes to grow on the audience, and whose repartee with Kara feels genuine and appropriately tense. She provided a realistic balance to Kara’s more idealistic approach, and the change she undergoes throughout the mission is the most interesting part of it. As it is, we don’t exactly learn anything new about Reign from the priestess – merely the actual names of the other Worldkillers that we already heard about last week. It is the interplay between the four women that must carry the majority of this week’s Supergirl, and Livewire certainly succeeds in doing her part. Her death at the end is heartbreaking precisely because she’s finally motivated to be a hero and a friend to Kara, but also because it means the show has lost an excellent tertiary character.

Psi remains as much of an enigma as she was in her first appearance, but she does have the honor of disarming Reign in battle and unwittingly discovering that her humanity is her weakness. ‘Fort Rozz’ drops the seed early on that Reign can still feel Sam inside of her and be influenced by her human nature, so it’s a satisfying payoff when Psi unleashes her fear on Reign and the thought of losing Ruby is what comes to her mind. Aside from that, though, the side plot with her accidentally injuring Imra and eventually being given another chance doesn’t do much to deepen either character. Imra is nice enough, but she doesn’t feel like much more than a love rival for Kara as of now.

Characters learning what the audience knows.

Meanwhile, Alex (Chyler Leigh) is tasked with babysitting Ruby while Sam heads to her business trip. This is one of our first opportunities to see Alex as a mother figure, and it’s definitely worth the wait. The two girls form an immediate bond, each managing to help the other with personal crises in ways that are both humorous and heartwarming. Alex nipping cyber-bullying in the bud with the power of her secret agent badge was perhaps the highlight of ‘Fort Rozz,’ and Ruby did her best to help Alex deal with a text from Maggie. But as adorable as all this interaction was, the real kicker comes when Sam confesses her lost time to Alex. I was wondering how she could get away with missing an important meeting for Lena’s company in order to visit a space prison, but thankfully Supergirl incorporated that into the plot. A dozen missed calls from Lena later, Sam realizes that there’s something wrong with her and asks Alex for help. Whatever happens with her human side, at least we know Alex will make sure Ruby is taken care of – and I’ll eat my hat if the show hasn’t been hinting at this since Alex and Maggie first brought up kids.

The boys didn’t make much of an appearance this week (and, in fact, James didn’t appear at all) but they lent their support from the DEO as best they could. Brainiac (Jesse Rath) continues to be a great addition, and he fits right in as tech support alongside Winn (Jeremy Jordan). And while once again J’onn (David Harewood) was prevented from using his powers, he did get the chance to be more of a leader than usual. Finally, Mon-El (Chris Wood) felt like the mature version of himself that we’ve been hearing so much about. He expresses concern for both his wife and Kara without making the women feel awkward, and later provides some heartfelt advice for Kara while she’s dealing with the death of Livewire. It’s still unclear which way the romance is going, but at least his character is on the right path.

Overall, ‘Fort Rozz’ did not do much to advance Kara’s plan of action, but it did provide the audience with a better look at Reign’s inner workings. And Supergirl left off with quite the cliffhanger, as a new Worldkiller’s powers emerged in the final moments…

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on the CW.