NBC’s ‘Timeless’ Season 2 to Premiere in March

nbc timeless

When NBC announced the cancellation of Timeless at the end of the show’s first season, the public outcry that followed was felt around social media immediately. Fans took to Twitter to show their outrage at the decision, citing reasons why the show should be allowed to continue—everything from the series’ historical importance to the characters its viewers fell in love with. The beloved new series hit the trending topics for hours as loyal viewers fought against the cancellation. And to everyone’s surprise, the next day saw NBC reversing their decision in an unprecedented move, giving the show the green light for a second season. Some speculated that it might’ve been a publicity stunt planned by NBC, encouraging a lot of time travel jokes. But as it turned out, the backpedaling by the network wasn’t expected, even from the show’s creators and cast.

Fans were given a rough estimate of when the show would return, told vaguely that it would happen sometime in 2018. As the cast shared photos of table reads and teased sets and costumes on Twitter and Instagram, anticipation started to build over Timeless’ season 2 premiere date. Now, we finally have one after months of waiting. The show’s creator, Eric Kripke, took to Twitter to confirm the date that’s been shared on Timeless’ official social media accounts:

Season 2 of Timeless will premiere on Sunday, March 11th at 10/9c on NBC. After season one’s shocking reveals and twisty storylines, now might be a good time to rewatch the series before we jump back into the Lifeboat again with the Time Team.