REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5E8 – The Last Day

Now this – this was what I was hoping for, after last week’s ep that felt like the show spinning its wheels.

First of all, it’s always a pleasure to see the team be (mostly) reunited after time apart. I love that May has reached the point where she willingly shows emotion to her friends, especially Coulson and Daisy. Watching them explore the Zephyr was also fun. Of course, that fun was decreased when Voss and the others showed their true colors. Poor Fitz and Simmons are always getting locked away while their teammates are threatened by traitors!

This might have been the sweetest reunion of them all.

Speaking of reunions, each character’s interactions with Robin were interesting. I wouldn’t have minded a bit longer between Daisy and Robin, but what we had was meaningful. Of course, everyone else pale in comparison to May and Robin. It is so perfectly, achingly in-character that May would have taken on the role of mom for Robin after her biological mother died. May would never let another little girl with powers be exploited or mistreated. Plus we all know she’s surrogate mother/older sister for Daisy and Jemma, anyway. And on top of all of that, there’s no one else I’d rather trust with the future of the world at stake. That said, it was pretty shocking to learn Past Timeline May was the one who sold out humanity to the Kree! Even knowing May’s pragmatism, I gotta agree with Elena that that was a bad idea. I know she was relying on Robin being able to help them fix everything, though.

I am extremely intrigued to see exactly how Flint can save the world. I’ve seen people theorize that he’ll put Earth back together, which is all well and good but that won’t restore all the people who have died. Maybe he’ll be able to track down the pieces of the Monolith somehow, and put it back together?

And that brings me to Flint’s surrogate parents back on the Lighthouse. Herding the roaches down to the populated levels was a disgustingly simple and efficient plan on Kasius’s part, once he decided he should aim for “retribution” against the humans. But as usual, he underestimates the humans (and Inhumans) he thinks are under his control. That scene with Yo-Yo taking out all the roaches? Awwww yeah. Love her so much. Now we get to see how the remaining humans will band together with Flint, Mack, and Elena to take down Kasius. I look forward to it. As a plus for the Lighthouse good guys, Sinara isn’t there right now.

Those cucarachas don’t even know what’s about to hit them.

So lastly, what are Coulson, May, Daisy, Fitzsimmons, Deke, and Enoch going to do on the surface? Daisy’s still got her inhibitor. They don’t yet have the remaining pieces of the Monolith. (Incidentally, I guess Enoch was living up to his policy of non-interference by not saving Robin or stopping the rest of the attack). Which ones among them will kill Sinara? It’d be nice if they could somehow manipulate her into removing Daisy’s inhibitor first, but that seems unlikely.

So, things are moving along! Feel free to share your thoughts on who’ll take out the Kree in the comments below.